Mediterranean Diet, Diet Trends of 2021

Don't Mix Mediterranean and European Diets

Who wouldn’t want a healthy life with a variety of dietary arrangements or a diet and regular exercise to be able to get body goals? Many people nowadays are competing to follow a variety of healthy lifestyles become one of the most common things you will encounter when discussing healthy lifestyles.

But what is the true meaning of diet? This is an activity when the amount of food you consume later with a certain amount that has been stocked before. But to go on a diet, you need to consider what background you want to do or the current condition of your body.

Why Diet?

The purpose of this activity is of its kind, the first thing is surely you all know what it is. That is for those of you who want to lose weight. This usually happens to models or actresses who want to keep their body shape or appearance slim

The second reason is to increase weight. Don’t you think that dieting is only for people who want to slim down. This method or activity is an effort to maintain a diet.

It can also be done to when you want to increase weight. Such reasons are usually part of the efforts of sportsmen or bodybuilding athletes who want to improve their muscles.

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Recently, there was an interesting trend. Where people want a healthy lifestyle using a Mediterranean diet. There are many people who say that this self can make a positive impact on the body as well as its health.

Getting to Know the Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet, Diet Trends of 2021
Getting to Know the Mediterranean Diet

For those of you who are still layman with diet. You need to know about this type of diet. Mediterranean diet is a way done by one of the natives of the Mediterranean region who then his diet was known to be able to healthy body. This type of way has obtained a study from various studies that prove that it turns out that this diet is very beneficial for the body

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

This will not only lose weight but also lower your risk of developing some chronic diseases. But what is the function of this one diet?

The Mediterranean diet has the first function of reducing the risk of developing heart disease. For those of you who are looking for a healthy diet for heart disease, then this method is the answer. This is because the diet regulated in this method is claimed to suppress levels of bad cholesterol in the body as well as can increase good cholesterol in the body.

The second thing why you should use this diet is that you can avoid stroke. Many studies have proven that the diet of people who use this diet makes them avoid the characteristics of stroke. This is because the diet can make cholesterol levels in the body decrease and can increase the intake of antioxidants.

Flaws His Followers Must Understand

Mediterranean Diet, Diet Trends of 2021
Flaws His Followers Must Understand

Although well known for its various benefits, this type of diet is apparently not absolutely perfect. This is evidenced based on a research at a university called Rush University Medical Center. The researchers explained that it turns out that this diet also has shortcomings

In a confession one of the epidemiologists said that consuming foods that emphasize to consume more vegetables, whole grains and fish is proven to positively affect a person’s health.

Then he added, but if one consciously combines those diet foods with foods that contain high calories and sugar. Add red and processed meat, the benefits of this diet will be reduced.

This is supported by an observational study that has evaluated the cognitive health of people over the age of 65. The study is part of one of a project by Chicago Health and Aging that already involves at least 5,001 seniors who have lived in the Chicago area.

He added that every three years, they would gather respondents who had to complete cognitive assessment questionnaires that served to test skills as well as basic information processing.

Further Research

Mediterranean Diet, Diet Trends of 2021
Further Research

This diet eventually led the researchers to finally decide to analyze the data of respondents who had complied with this Mediterranean way. Those who do this method have consumed fruit, vegetables, legumes and healthy foods every day.

In addition, experts also assessed how many participants would later add western-style dietary patterns to this diet. The foods they choose are oily foods, red meat as well as processed and other fat milk products.

It turned out that the results were quite surprising when participants who collaborated between this Mediterranean model and western-style food patterns turned out to experience a slower decline. That is, in many years different from those who have adhered to a Mediterranean-style diet.

Experts also added that those who restrict other healthy foods are also part of those who choose a western-style diet. Meanwhile, nutritionists added that there is no significant difference between the two types of people when it comes to age, gender, education or association.

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One expert said that individuals who had had the highest Mediterranean score. That is to look younger even impressed 7.8 younger than the age should be. The discovery on this diet can apparently reduce the risk of disease, diabetes as well as cancer.


According to experts, the more you later include greens. In addition it is excellent for eating fruits, fish and even olive oil into the daily diet. Then the better our bodies will age.

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