Gerd’s Disease Could Be Esophageal Cancer, What Is It?

Gerd's Disease Could Develop Into Esophageal Cancer, What Is It?

Have you ever heard of esophageal cancer? During the pandemic period, it is likely that you become easily neglected with other diseases. This is because your attention is only focused on coronavirus. Whereas there are many health conditions that you need to pay attention to. Plus, this condition requires early treatment. One of them is gastroesophageal reflux disease, otherwise known as Gerd.

Gastroesophageal Reflux At Risk of Esophageal Cancer

In general, Gerd is defined as a digestive problem that makes the esophagus and stomach change. If a person has acid reflux or heartburn, then the condition can be a feature that a person is getting gerd attack.

Another symptom that is often felt is the sensation of burning pain in the chest that mostly occurs after eating. This sensation gets worse when lying down. Then, another symptom that is rarely realized as Gerd’s sufferer is shortness of breath or a sense of wanting to crash.

Gregory Wickern, a physician at St. Luke’s Health Partners in Boise, Idaho, USA, said that if Gerd is left untreated, he could be at risk of esophageal cancer. This disease that attacks the esophagus arises because there is a growth of malignant cells that attack the esophagus.

According to dr. Wickern, esophageal cancer has a fairly high mortality rate. Basically the survival rate of the sufferer is not up to 20 percent. So, it is absolute to identify before developing into esophageal cancer.

Wickern said special controls for Gerd were implemented until the anaesthesia procedure. But now there’s a new device called EsoCheck. This tool can simplify the examination process in patients.

This procedure enables EsoGuard DNA testing. With this tool it is very possible for doctors to do screening within 5-10 minutes. Then the doctor can determine the follow-up treatment.

How Without Drugs to Overcome Gerd, Already Know?

Well, if you have repeatedly experienced heartburn, or other acid reflux symptoms, then there are ways without medication can be used to overcome the condition. Here are some of them.

1. Eat Regularly and Slowly

When the stomach is too full, there can be more reflux to the esophagus. Maybe you can try eating according to the schedule. In addition, it is also with small portions. These tips can help Gerd sufferers to control gastric acid attacks. Of course this way is better than eating big three times a day.

2. Avoid Certain Foods Triggering Esophageal Cancer

Avoid Certain Foods Triggering Esophageal Cancer
Avoid Certain Foods Triggering Esophageal Cancer

People who have acid reflux do need to leave certain foods that can trigger Gerd’s symptoms.

A number of foods that have the potential to make reflux include mint, fatty foods, spicy foods, onions and garlic, coffee, tomatoes, tea, chocolate, and alcohol.

3. Avoid Carbonated Beverages That Can Trigger Esophageal Cancer

This type of drink can trigger belching. Belching can send acid to the esophagus. Therefore, drink plain water instead of soda.

4. Not Sleeping After Eating

When standing, or let alone sitting, gravity is quite helpful in keeping stomach acid in place. Finish eating three hours before bedtime. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not take a nap after lunch. Also, avoid extra dinners or midnight snacks.

5. Don’t Move Too Fast

Avoid strenuous exercise a few hours after eating. A walk after dinner is okay. But heavier exercise, more or less involving bending movements, can send acid down the esophagus that triggers esophageal cancer.

6. Sleep In An Incline

Ideally, the head needs to be 15-20 cm taller than the legs. We can enable the pillow to create this position. Try using foam pads for the upper limbs. But, don’t try to make a pile of pillows. Because, the stack will not give an additional balanced support on the back.

7. Lose Weight

Lose Weight
Lose Weight

Increased weight can cause the muscle structure that sustains the esophageal spfingter at the bottom to decrease in pressure. It is this condition that can also cause reflux and heartburn.

8. Quit Smoking as a Trigger for Esophageal Cancer

Nicotine can relax the lower member’s esophageal spfingter. So, quit smoking.

9. Check The Medications You Are Taking

Taking some medications including postmenopausal estrogen, tricyclic antidepressants, as well as painkillers can be at risk of relaxing the spfingter.

So check carefully the medicines that you have been taking. Next consult a doctor about it. Also, if some of the above steps are inefficient or severe pain always occurs, it means that you have needed more intensive medical administration. You may also have needed special medications to control reflux. Certainly coupled with a healthier lifestyle.

To Avoid Risk of Esophageal Cancer, What Time Should Gerd Eat Dinner?

To Avoid Risk of Esophageal Cancer, What Time Should Gerd Eat Dinner?
To Avoid Risk of Esophageal Cancer, What Time Should Gerd Eat Dinner?

Gerd’s disease is a digestive state in which stomach acid flows again into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation in the chest. This condition is most often caused by a weak lower esophageal spfingter.

Then exacerbated by the stress level of the sufferer. In addition, certain types of food, composition, and diet, are the triggers for Gerd’s relapse of attacks on patients at risk of esophageal cancer.

A 2005 study concluded that Gerd sufferers are obliged to eat regularly. Also, avoid the latest mealtimes in the evening. It is said that Gerd sufferers must eat at least three hours before going to bed at night. This condition is believed to be very helpful for the body to digest the last food completely.

In addition, this kind of organized dinner can also minimize the risk of acid reflux attacks at night and prevent esophageal cancer. So, if you suffer from Gerd and generally sleep at 22:00, you should finish dinner at 19:00.

Well, that was some discussion about gerd disease that turns out to be at risk of causing esophageal cancer. Don’t forget to always maintain the ideal health and lifestyle to avoid dangerous diseases, yes!

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