Early Signs of Pregnancy

Know 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is a pleasure for a newlymarried couple. The curiosity of knowing if you’ve got momongan has always been a curious thing. Therefore this article aims to help young couples who want to know the signs of pregnancy to ascertain whether their beloved wife is pregnant or not.

Most people use pregnancy test devices to know whether or not their fertilization is successful. But it is also not uncommon for those who are embarrassed to buy the device which will display two lines of signs that they are pregnant. It’s a good idea to be ashamed to try to adjust the early characteristics of pregnant women below:

Know 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Characteristics

1. Swollen Breasts

The breast becomes swollen and wearing a bra will be a little uncomfortable because the breast starts to feel pain when touched. This is followed by changes in nipple changes that are getting darker and aerola color getting darker than usual. The stroke of blood vessels is also increasingly visible early in this pregnancy.

2. Shorter Breath

Your usual daily routine feels heavier and makes you feel breathless. It could be a sign that you’re pregnant– why is that? because the growing fetus needs oxygen so that it uses the oxygen ration you breathe.

3. Easily Tired

Don’t take it lightly if you start to feel easily tired, because it could be that you’re pregnant. Fatigue in pregnant women is triggered by an increase in hormones while pregnant. This usually occurs in the first tri semester of pregnancy.

4. Feeling Nauseous

This feeling of nausea is often experienced by pregnant women in the first 6 weeks, but does not close the possibility of anyone experiencing such nausea earlier.

5. cramp Stomach

Cramp on the abdomen is also a sign that a person is pregnant. So if you have a program to have momongan and you often experience pain in the stomach it could be that you are pregnant.

6. Urinate Frequently

If you are usually a wife who used to sleep well or comfortable when doing activities now start to get distracted because having to frequent the small room can be you are two-bodied. This is because when a two-body body produces more fluid and the bladder works harder than usual which makes you want to urinate more often.

7. Flatulence and Constipation

Usually when women are pregnant the hormone progestron will increase and make the digestive process slow down which results in difficulty defecating / constipation and flatulence.

8. Headaches

Most women often complain of having headaches while they are pregnant. Therefore it is advisable to carefully choose headache medication because if the wrong drug can be bad for the fetus.

9. Cravings or Refusing Food

If you suddenly really want to eat something or food that you previously didn’t like and it’s hard to hold then it can be said you’re cravings. But there are times when you usually like favotit eating now suddenly you can’t afford to eat it, it is an early sign of pregnancy.

10. Mood Swings

Mood in women usually changes during pregnancy due to hormonal changes in their body.

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Thus 10 early signs of pregnancy that may be beneficial for those of you who want to know whether or not you are pregnant. However for more convincing results I recommend that you check with a quality pregnancy test tool, even better if you consult an obstetrician.

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