New Corona Variant Facts and How to Avoid It

The Facts of Corona's New Variant and How to Avoid It

New variants of corona began to appear with life-threatening symptoms, even at first glance seemed unrelated to the respiratory organs. Since the corana virus pandemic arises not a few communities are affected tremendously.

Even of them have mental health disorders such as prolonged stress and sadness. All of them occur due to the habit of phycidal dhancing, staying indoors during the pandemic.

Not after the coronavirus pandemic 19. Now, a new variant of corona appears that is more deadly than the usual coronavirus. Why is that?

WHO calls the new variant corona the first time in the UK. The beginning of the new variant of corona appeared in the Kent region in September spread over areas of England and Northern Ireland and has spread to more than 50 other countries. The new variant of corona in the UK is more deadly. Here are the facts about the new variant of corona that you should know.

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First, the symptoms are not much different from the old Covid-19 variant. The way it is spread is faster than the old variant. However, the symptoms are also not far from the old Covid 19 variant. Symptoms of the new variant of corona include: respiratory disorders, confusion, frequent chest pain, fatigue and bluish lips

Children will be easily infected with new variants of corona that are just as vulnerable as the type of coronavirus that attacks adults.

Third, faster deployment. In fact, it is 70% faster to spread when it comes to older variants. 17 mutations are contained in variants that can form new viruses.

The way mutations result in 17 mutations causes the virus to spread more. Not only is the virus easy to spread, mutations of the new virus variant will appear a new problem, namely the number of patients with corona virus inpatients is increasing.

Early Symptoms That Didn’t Exist In Previous Cases: Delirium

early symptoms of corona delirium
Early Symptoms That Didn’t Exist In Previous Cases: Delirium

Confusion or delirium is common in the elderly group. Delirium is one of the new symptoms of coronavirus infection.

Loss of sense of taste and smell accompanied by headaches symptoms that are common in corona virus sufferers.

Delirium, or a state of confusion that occurs in people. People suffering from Delirium feel unrelated to reality. Such a person as if he were dreaming.

Delirium is usually experienced by elderly people at the age of 65 years. At that age almost a third experienced Delirium when they arrived at the ER.

Delirious is the main symptom of elderly patients who are suspected of being detected by coronavirus. From the symptoms of Delirium is considered as an important early symptom of coronavirus.

Doctors are still unable to ascertain the cause of the symptoms on this one. However, it is possible that because the respiratory organs are disturbed, the supply of oxygen in the blood also decreases.

If this happens to the brain, then the symptoms of this new variant of corona will be able to appear. Therefore, the symptoms are more noticed in the elderly or people who have had congenital degenerative diseases before.

Four New Variants of Corona

Four New Variants of Corona
Four New Variants of Corona

First, variant with D614G mutation. This variant is a substitute for the old variant, it can even aggravate the disease and interfere with the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Secondly, Cluster 5, which begins in August and September 2020 in Denmark. The impact of cluster 5 results in a reduction in the neutralization of the virus in humans.

Other impacts of cluster 5 have the potential to lower the level of immunity protection after infection or natural vaccination.

Third, the VOC 202012/01 or variant of concern was discovered in 2020 in December in england. This type of variant is then widespread and has been found in about 31 countries.

Fourth, 501Y. V2, I’m sorry. The variant was first discovered on December 18, 2020 in South Africa. 501Y. V2 is called capable of increasing the transmission of the virus. However, this variant of coronavirus has no evidence to make the disease more severe.

The four new variants of corona are certainly enough to cause panic if you do not understand how to prevent transmission or minimize the risk. Therefore it is very important to know what can be done in order to maximize protection on your own body and family.

Tips to Prevent Transmission

how to Prevent The Transmission of covid
Tips to Prevent Transmission

New variants of corona that are easily spread are important to take quick and precise steps to make it safe from transmission. Here are the things you can do to reduce the transmission of these dangerous mutated viruses.

First: follow the basic guidelines by following health protocols. The health protocols are to wash your hands, wear a face mask, avoid crowds and stay indoors. Preferably, you do everything in the house. It would be better if you do work from home or WFH.

Second, think of daily necessities. This situation in the midst of a pandemic of essential daily basic necessities gets attention. So, you will not be confused and panic when suddenly there is PSBB or lockdown wherever you are.

Keep your distance, wash your hands and keep using while shopping then shorten your shopping time to be a wise way to overcome the transmission of new variants of corona. Always bring a hand sanitizer to ensure hand hygiene.

Third, improve the protection of the mask. The discipline of wearing a mask will help avoid coronavirus. Not just choose the type of mask, choose a good quality fabric mask that has a filter layer.

This type is able to protect against coronavirus. Fourth: Get the vaccine. Vaccines obtained from medical personnel are called the most effective at inhibiting pandemics.

Vaccination, one way to obtain a vaccine as a way to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Those are the facts of the new variant of corona and how to avoid it.

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