6 Types of Carbohydrate Foods Substitutes for Rice

Types of Carbohydrate Foods Substitutes for Rice

Rice, became a staple food of Indonesian citizens since long ago. Chinese traders, who started the habit of eating rice in Indonesians. One that supports this tradition is indonesia’s fertile climate and soil that makes rice plants grow easily in Indonesia. In addition, the price of rice is cheaper than other staples such as yam and rice corn.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, the rice consumption of the Indonesian population is still very high. The need reaches 2.7 million to 2.8 million tons of rice per month. Because it is also, because one plate of rice equals one spoon of sugar, making Indonesia ranked fourth most diabetics in the world. It’s quite life-threatening and weight-threatening, huh? While humans still have to consume carbohydrates, then below there are 6 types of safe and high-carbohydrate foods that you can use as a substitute for rice.

1. Egg Whites

Not only rich in protein, egg whites also contain many carbohydrates that are important for increasing muscle mass.

In addition, egg whites are low in saturated fat and cholesterol so it is safe to consume.

2. Potatoes

One serving of potatoes contains 31 grams of carbohydrates. French fries even contain higher carbohydrates, which is 35% more than regular boiled potatoes. However, the fat contained in French fries must also be considered, so if you want to be consumed as a substitute for rice, boiled potatoes are more appropriate.

3. Oranges

The main energy in citrus fruits is carbohydrates. Oranges contain simple carbohydrates, glucose and citric acid that provide energy to our body.

4. Green Vegetables

Some green vegetables are rich in carbohydrates, also contain important minerals and vitamins. The simple carbohydrates found in green vegetables are harmless, instead contain high nutrients.

5. Pizza

The amount of carbohydrates in a pizza depends on the thinness or thickness of the pizza skin. Usually a person will choose a pizza that has thin skin to reduce carbohydrates but still feel full. Try putting enough vegetables into the pizza you make yourself.

6. Rice Milk

When rice is close to ready to be ceded, generally in it there is thick milky white water. That’s rice milk, or commonly called tajin water. In addition to having high carbohydrates, rice milk also has many other benefits. Like, sources of vitamin B. Drinking rice milk is the same as meeting the needs of B vitamins in health that are useful to support the body’s metabolism In addition, rice milk can also improve the heart, help control blood pressure, rich in antioxidants that we need to enrich the immune system and rice milk is also free of fat and cholesterol so it is good for those of you who are deliberately avoiding cholesterol.

If you want to stay safe eating rice, then cooking rice must be right. One of the recommended ways in cooking rice is, adding a little coconut oil to the boiling water containing the rice that is being cooked. This prevents the rice from becoming sticky. In addition, putting cooked and cold rice in the refrigerator and putting it quiet for 12 hours is the recommended advice, because eating freshly cooked rice will directly make the rice into sugar in the body.

Rice also provides benefits for beauty, among others serving as a face lightening mask. Prepare the rice flour, honey and olive oil, mix and apply it to the face. Rice or rice does have a variety of benefits, but knowing what’s healthier isn’t bad either, right?

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