Foods For Diet, Healthy and Stay Fit

Foods For Diet, Healthy and Stay Fit

Healthy food for the diet. Most women want a fast diet and no risk. In running a fast natural and healthy diet program of course needs to be supported by consuming healthy food and support for diet.

We must choose foods that can keep our body fit during the diet program and can help success in losing weight. Below are healthy foods that can help your diet.

8 Healthy Foods For Diet

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Foods For a Healthy Diet

Mineral water

Consume mineral water 8 glasses / day so as not to dehydrate. Mineral water serves to maintain freshness, help digestion, as well as release toxic – toxic in the body, and many more benefits of other mineral water.


Apples are one of the fruits that have various benefits for the body. In addition to foods for the diet apples have a high content of fiber and antioxidants, therefore apples can prevent metabolic syndrome which is a condition characterized by excess abdominal fat.

Raisins, low-fat milk and cereals

The simple menu is good for breakfast, as it provides your body with 244 calories and provides endurance with vitamins and minerals. While raisins are an ideal source of natural sugar for people who have a sweet tooth as well as increase protein intake.


Eggs can be an easier alternative to the breakfast menu. Breakfast with eggs proves a lower total calorie consumption in daily meals.


Cauliflower is rich in vitamin C, which is one of the cancer-fighting vegetables. Half a cup of cauliflower meets almost 35% of the body’s daily energy needs. Cauliflower provides high fiber with a low caloric content.

Black beans

Black beans contain an ideal combination of fat-destroying and insoluble nutrients. They consist of fat burner carbohydrates known as resistant starch. According to the study of consuming black beans can nenurunkan weight.


Almonds are one of the healthy foods that can be consumed while on a diet program. Almonds can help keep blood sugar levels stable, if sugar levels increase it will make you hungry easily, in addition it can increase fat in the stomach.


Cinnamon is also known as cinnamon which is a kind of spice-producing tree and is very beneficial for those who are on a diet because cinnamon can prevent insulin spikes that cause the body to store fat from burning it.

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In addition to consuming healthy foods in carrying out diet programs, it must also be supported by food selection and food criteria that are good for diet.

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