Here’s Why Midnight Eating Makes Chronic Pain

Midnight Meal Not Only Makes Fat, Heart Can Also Be Affected

Eating midnight is a temptation in itself, especially for those who find it difficult to withstand hunger. Without thinking long, you will eat immediately if you feel hungry.

It is okay, but it will bring trouble if this happens at night. Therefore, your weight will quickly increase if this happens in a frequency. Worse, this can trigger a heart attack if it continues to be a bad habbit.

From what has already happened, in the future you must have a resolution, to no longer do so. Then why can we feel hungry and eat at midnight straight away? And what’s the reason this midnight meal triggered a heart attack? Together we will find the answer.

Why Are You Encouraged to Eat Midnight?

Why You’re Driven to Dinner

There are many reasons, and perhaps everyone who always has a desire or encouragement to eat midnight will have different reasons. Some are because they are used to it, some are because of poor time management, some have made mistakes in previous activities.

There’s no need to go to great lengths for those who are used to it. There is nothing wrong with previous activities because that is also the habit.

Then for those who have bad time management, usually continue to do activities until midnight until forget dinner. The thing that makes them eat midnight or not dinner at all.

The last reason is because of previous activity. Stress can make a person quickly hungry or sleepless, if these two occur, then there is the potential to eat food at midnight.

Other activity mistakes are eating too much before bed, lack of fruit and vegetable consumption, too tired to continue kapar, to the reason of drinking certain drinks. These drinks, such as coffee and alcohol, both keep you awake and hungry afterwards.

Why is eating a lot and lacking vegetables can cause this? Excess carbohydrates contained in the body make it difficult for you to sleep. Just like eating less fruit and vegetables, eating foods lacking fiber can also have this impact.

Reasons Why It Can Trigger a Heart Attack

Reasons Why It Can Trigger a Heart Attack
Reasons Why It Can Trigger a Heart Attack

It was a heart surgeon named A. Marc Glinov who put out the idea of a midnight meal that had an impact on heart health. It is his explanation that will be discussed in this section.

He explained that our bodies actually have their own biological clocks, and normally the body has to sleep in the middle of the night. Because it has to sleep, there will be organs, compounds, and other parts that work.

It’s called a circadian rhythm, a rhythm that will give ‘arrangement’ to ‘put to sleep; body in time (midnight). Because in the middle of the night is the time to sleep, it will be a problem if the body receives food instead.

Metabolic processes do their job, one of which is to digest food. This process will be minimized at bedtime. If this is not done, supposedly cholesterol, lipids, and fats will be absorbed by the organs.

The organs in question include muscles, liver, and other parts. Then what happens if the body enters food? The fat that the organ should absorb will last longer in the blood.

Which is whereas, blood will continue to flow to the heart, which is referred to as circulation. Of course it is not a good condition if the blood that enters the heart still contains fat.

In fact, not only for the heart, this condition will also adversely affect the kidneys and other organs. Then, what happens if blood with this fat enters the heart?

What happens is that the faster there will be blockages in the blood vessels, resulting in a heart attack. It’s very dangerous, of course, like a road that used to be loose to be narrow because of this blockage. This is what happens if you eat midnight.

What Should You Do?

What Should You Do?
What Should You Do?

Understand how serious the impact can be if eating midnight, you should know what the solution is. Because, inevitably this habit must be eliminated immediately so that what has been discussed above does not happen.

Whether it’s because it’s customary or just an encouragement to do it, here are some tips.

The first tip is to avoid anything that contains alcohol and coffee at night. Try not to consume these two types of drinks after 7 or 8 pm.

Both will make you feel hungry a few hours after it runs out. Therefore, there is a limit to the hours so that at midnight (11 to 1 am) you do not feel hungry. Also applies to coffee milk, although its main form is milk, it still has the potential to contain hunger.

The second tip is to choose the dinner menu. You should choose a menu of foods that have a lot of vegetables and fruits. The more vegetables, the easier the body to rest in the middle of the night. Also for fruits, it will help to feel full for longer. If you are on a diet,make sure the diet is in accordance with nutritional needs and not origin.

The last is to avoid eating too much shortly before going to bed. Let’s say you want to go to bed at 10pm, then don’t do much in the moment before. What’s going on? You most likely have trouble sleeping, and then get awake until midnight and feel hungry again.

That’s all the efforts to avoid a midnight meal. Try everything, so that there is no longer the potential for a heart attack or weight gain.

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