It’s worth listening to! Here’s a Sign of Miss V Being Infected with Pinworms

It's worth listening to! Here's a Sign of Miss V Being Infected with Pinworms

The following information related to the signs of pinworms in Miss V is worth checking out!

Recently social media was hyped with videos of maggots in the vagina aka Miss V. But many people mistakenly think, maggots generally live in dead tissue and are unlikely to grow in healthy tissue. Animals or parasites that may live in the human body are pinworms.

Pinworm or Oxyuris Vermicularis is a worm measuring about 0.6-1.3 cm, thin and white in color. Usually these worms can live and multiply in the ctrum or human colon. However, in some cases pinworm infections can spread to the intimate organs.

Pinworms can attack the anus, vagina, fallopian tubes, uterus to pelvic organs and are often experienced by children. According to Medicinenet, about 20% of girls have a pinworm infection in the vagina.

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This condition can occur when a person accidentally swallows or inhales pinworm eggs from an object. Eggs that enter the body will then attach to the digestive organs, for example in the intestines of 12 fingers.

After becoming a larva, it will move to the middle intestine which has a function as a nutrient absorber. When pinworms grow up, they will move into the intestines or nest in parts of the body that they shouldn’t, such as Miss V.

Miss V signs infected with pinworms

Well, what’s the pinworm sign like in Miss V? Quoting the Cleveland Clinic, Sunday (16/1/2022) here are the signs.

Itching in the area at night

At night, pinworms will usually lay eggs around the anus. Symptoms that can be felt in the form of itching and irritation. Although this one condition includes mild symptoms, but the itching in the area can get worse.

Female pinworms can lay very many eggs, even up to thousands. That’s why people infected with pinworms can experience itching in the area and restlessness.

Miss V Itch

The sign of Miss V infected with pinworms one of them is itching in the vaginal area and accompanied by vaginal discharge.

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Sleep disorders

Persistent itching causes sufferers to experience sleep disorders that cause decreased concentration, fatigue to weight loss.

That’s the sign miss V is infected with pinworms which is why you know. One way to avoid it is to maintain the cleanliness of the intimate organs. I hope this information is useful!

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