Men Must Read! 5 Lifestyles That Harm Sperm

sperm 5 Lifestyles That Harm Spe.rma

Many young newly married couples claim to have difficulty in getting a momongan. Of course, this is closely related to the fertility of both the woman and the man. A man’s fertility is strongly influenced by the quality of spe.rma he has. Spe.rma is considered qualified if it meets certain conditions. If spe.rma who has met certain conditions will be considered qualified and ready to fertilize the woman o-vum.

Unfortunately, the lifestyle in this modern world of men tends to be indifferent to the quality of spe.rma that he has. Lifestyles that tend to be ‘reckless’ unwittingly affect the quality of spe.rma. Lifestyle Such as smoking habits, eating un nutritious food, and other daily activities. Quoted from various sources, here are some habits or lifestyles that make unqualified:

  1. Smoking

Smoking behavior is obviously very dangerous for humans. This automatic lifestyle also harms the quality of in smoker men. Nicotine content in cigarettes will result in problems with the movement of, as well as erectile disorders in men. In addition, nicotine can cause narrowing of blood vessels so that substances useful for the formation of cells will be inhibited. This certainly causes the quality of in male smokers to be very poor. In some cases it was found that male smokers may increase the risk of babies being born prematurely.

  1. Tight Jeans

In everyday life, men choose jeans that are relatively tight to do their activities. But unwittingly, the danger that was lurking behind the wearing of tight jeans. Tights and made of jeans will cause the environment around the lamin to become hot. Hot temperatures are very unfavorable for growth. It is better to reduce the wear of tight jeans and choose other alternatives such as wearing cotton pants or if you are relaxing at home it is better to wear ‘kolor’ pants.

  1. Alko-hol

The habit of drinking beralko.hol drinks greatly impacts the produced. In addition to causing er.eksi disorder (er.eksi dysfunction), spe.rma produced by alko.hol drinkers is also not qualified. composed by substances in the body will weaken, as a result of which the will not last long and will not be able to swim far into the fallopian tubes to fertilize the egg. Testosterone production is also impaired.

  1. Phone and Laptop

Without you knowing it often keeps a mobile phone in your pants pocket. This can cause the testicles to be exposed to electromagnetic waves that can be damaging. Research in the journal Fertilty and Sterility suggests that wearing a hands-free device with a mobile phone can affect a man’s fertility if the phone in speech mode is tucked in a pants pocket that tends to be close to the testicles. In addition, putting the laptop on the lap can be bad for the, because the batrei that emits heat will make the area around the scrotum become hot. As we know, a hot environment is unfavorable for growth.

  1. Too Hard Exercise

Men are very synonymous with sports activities either just a hobby or to support the appearance. Not infrequently exercise is done to be excessive on the grounds of achieving the desired body shape target. But did you know that too hard exercise can lead to a decrease in quality in Excessive exercise can cause adrenal steroid hormones to be produced in higher amounts thus lowering testosterone levels in the body. If testosterone decreases, then the production of also decreases. Try to exercise adequately so that testosterone levels in the body remain balanced.

How? Still want to do these habits / lifestyles? Hopefully with some of the above info, we can avoid all the worst possibilities for the quality of our If not us, who else, guys?

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