Little Menstruation, Common Problems and Causes

menstruation a little

Menstruation is sometimes experienced by many women. Usually this happens with the onset of spots only, then you need to do a more complete examination so that you will also know the cause.

In fact, a normal menstrual cycle has a time span of about 21 – 35 days and 2 – 8 days. That is the time when a woman secretes menstrual blood as much as 20 – 60 ml per day. So, if a woman’s menstrual cycle and also her blood volume as mentioned above, then the monthly cycle is relatively normal.

But, if it is not appropriate, then it can be concluded that the woman has a slight problem with her menstruation. The easiest step to find out the cause is to perform a physical examination as well as a supporting examination, for example by checking hormones in the laboratory or doing an ultrasound examination. So, you can consult obstetricians and obstetricians for more accurate information.

Common Menstrual Problems

A common problem faced by women about the menstrual cycle is that the day span is too long, or does not even experience menstruation for long periods of time while still in childbearing age. However, if the menstrual blood is out a little bit, then there is a disorder that needs medical treatment so that you know the cause and how to deal with it before it is too late.

Actually, there are causes you need to recognize. First, it may be that this includes disorders arising from birth, or caused by other factors such as the use of birth control devices or pregnancy factors. This condition is common in adolescents who are still going through puberty, when women are breastfeeding, or even in the lead-up to menopause. So, when that time is present, usually women have a little menstruation and this is also common.

Causes of Fewer Menstrual Problems

Causes of Fewer Menstrual Problems
Little Menstruation

Most women will feel confused and restless when the menstrual blood is too much, or even too little. However, this is actually natural because menstruation is closely related to hormonal levels and is experienced by those who are still undergoing growth and all bodily functions and reproductive functions undergo enhancements for the better.

If suddenly your menstrual volume suddenly changes drastically to too little, you don’t have to panic right away because you have to make sure the number of menstrual days. For example, if you menstruate 5 days with a large volume of blood, then if suddenly the menstrual blood becomes a little bit with the menstrual time span still remains 5 days, then what you are dealing with is still classified as normal.

This is also justified by health experts because one thing that is important and need women to know is that the time or time of menstruation, and not the volume of blood. So, it’s the number of menstrual days you need to pay attention to. If viewed medically, then the normal length of menstruation is for 3 – 10 days.

If blood volume is reduced, then it could be affected by disrupted lifestyles such as fatigue, pain, and sleep deprivation. And when the normal lifestyle returns, then you will not experience any more menstruation a little.

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