Nutritional Content and Benefits of Watermelon Fruit For Health

Nutritional Content and Benefits of Watermelon Fruit For Health

Watermelon is one of the fresh fruits that is very easy to get and the price is quite affordable compared to the huge benefits to maintain the health of our body. The water content is a lot and the sweet watermelon taste is certainly very liked by everyone from small children to adults, this fruit with variations of red and yellow watermelon is also no less than other expensive fruits such as apples and grapes because its content and efficacy is astounding, here are the reviews:

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Nutritional Content of Watermelon Fruit

The following is the nutritional content contained in watermelon fruit (per 100 grams).

watermelon fruit content
Nutritional Content of Watermelon Fruit (per 100 grams) .

Watermelon Benefits For Health

1. Maintaining Kidney Health
Kidney disease is one of the dangerous diseases that can attack everyone and the impact is not mainly, namely kidney failure. and for those of you who I believe may not want it then start consuming watermelon this is a good preventive first step, fruit This watermelon can reduce existing uric acid levels and of course it is very good to prevent the formation of kidney stones and in addition can also cleanse bacteria or feces toxins that exist in the kidneys in your body.

2. Preventing Thrush
Thrush is a trivial disease, but it is very annoying because certainly when exposed to thrush, we will be very disturbed and can not communicate smoothly with others, and consuming food will not be able to be as usual because of the pain of this thrush, well for those of you who are afraid of pain when taking thrush drops, try to consume Watermelon fruit is because there is a vitamin C candugan that can eliminate bacteria in the mouth.

3. Can Be Made Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant
This watermelon fruit is very rich in phenolic compounds such as flavonoids, carotenoids and so on which are very potent to overcome inflammatory diseases and ward off existing free radicals, certainly very good for the health of our body.

4. Can Be For Diet
Well for those of you who want to do a diet or lose weight, it is very true when making this watermelon fruit as one of your mandatory foods, in addition to effective watermelon fruit is basically very good for the diet kok, can be made juice or eaten fruit directly.

5. As a Powerful Drug
For those of you men who want to enjoy longer intercourse with your wife, from now on try to avoid powerful drugs sold out there, because this watermelon fruit is also one of the right solutions for you because it can treat impotent which of course you can be more durable.

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