Childhood Obesity, Causes and How to Avoid It

Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is one of the concerns commonly felt by many parents today. A study states that a child who is overweight will be more likely to be exposed to the risk of diabetes, heart disease and even very dangerous diseases such as cancer.

Obesity generally occurs in children between the age of 6 to 11 years. It is at this age that children tend to experience a more active period of growth and it is difficult to control their activities especially those related to their diet and daily life.

Causes of Childhood Obesity

Hereditary factors

Hereditary factors from parents are difficult to avoid for the risk of childhood obesity. If a father or mother is overweight, this can certainly be passed down to the child.

Fast food and packaged food

Most children love fast food or fast food or even many of them eat this food well. Whereas foods like this generally contain a lot of fats and sugars that can cause obesity.

Overly busy parents often use practical fast food as a dish to give to their child, despite the poor nutritional content of the child. Fast food even though it tastes good and delicious but does not have nutritional content for the growth and development of the child.

Therefore fast food is often referred to as junk food or junk food. Plus children’s fondness for packaged snacks containing preservatives is worth noting as well.

Soft drinks or soft drinks

Just like fast food, soft drinks or often called soft drinks are proven to have a high content of sugar substances that accelerate weight gain when consuming this drink. Its delicious and refreshing taste makes children very fond of drinks like this.

Lack of physical activity

Childhood is an identical time to play. In ancient times, children’s games were generally physical games that required children to run, jump or other movements. However, it has changed and has been replaced with electronic games either through a computer, internet, or television that is simply done by sitting in front of it without having to move. This will cause children to do less physical activity so as to cause obesity.

For those of you who already have children and are obese or overweight, it is best not to force your child to go on a strict diet in reducing their weight, as this can cause your child’s growth and health to be disrupted. As parents we should re-examine the things that can trigger the appearance of obesity in children at this early age.

Childhood Obesity
Don’t Force Children To Diet

Here are some tips to avoid obesity in children that are proven effective and effective that you can apply to your child:

Avoiding Childhood Obesity

Pay attention to the child’s diet

Obesity is widely experienced by most children who tend to have a poorly controlled diet. Especially in consuming a type of food that contains many preservatives, such as fizzy drinks, cereal foods, and various other fast foods.

These foods are usually one of the favorite menus for children. Therefore, as a parent you should regularly keep an eye on your child regarding the type of food or snacks that are commonly consumed. Try, train your child to love fruits and vegetables early on, this will be very helpful in maintaining the balance of children’s weight and good to support their health and growth.

Train children early on to have a balanced lifestyle

Most children really like this type of activities such as playing games, watching tv, and watching videos. In fact, these habits are a significant factor in the increase in overweight. So, as much as possible as a parent to direct the child not to spend too much time in the routine that can adversely affect his weight balance.

Get used to children to always exercise early

Habits by the body that are carried out regularly from an early age are not only good for the health of the child, but also very important in controlling the balance of hormones that can balance the body’s growth and weight, thus avoiding the risk of obesity.

Get to know the type of healthy diet menu for children

Parents should also know that a healthy diet menu for children is different from the diet menu intended for parents. If necessary, consult a health professional about a suitable and appropriate menu for your child that is certainly in accordance with the age level of each child.

Get used to taking children to always gather with family

Teach your child to always get used to hanging out with family, especially when they’re having dinner. In these conditions, usually a child will tend to be calmer and open to his parents. So, it is on this occasion that parents have time to give directions to the child in a relaxed and fun way.

Well that’s the tips to avoid obesity in children that may be able to help you as a parent in maintaining their health. Use subtle ways to deal with your child’s behavior to make them feel more attentive, so they will be easier to get input and advice from you, especially in the prevention of obesity or obesity.

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