Exercise Routine But Weight Loss Does Not Fall, Know the Cause

Regular Exercise But Weight Loss Not Down

For some people who are overweight, they mostly go on a diet program to lose weight.

One of the main keys to the diet program is regular exercise. Thus, many people who exercise regularly in order to lose weight.

But keep in mind that the diet program will work if one can exercise regularly then balanced by maintaining his diet. This is believed to be the most effective way to lose weight.

However, in reality it is not uncommon for someone who has done regular exercise but the weight does not go down. Even in some cases, instead of going down it’s getting bigger and more. Approximately, what is the cause of weight loss that does not go down even though we have exercised and also maintain a diet? Well here’s the review.

1. Overdoing cardio

Weight, Berat Badan Tidak Turun

It is true that doing cardio exercises can increase the body’s metabolism. However, if it is done excessively, it will cause side effects.

Keep in mind that most cardio exercises make the body work harder than usual to maintain its endurance so that it will store energy in the form of fat so that the body can still have energy when exercising. Not to mention this type of exercise accelerates hunger because the energy has been expended a lot to do heavy sports especially in a long time.

2. Experiencing severe stress

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If a person is experiencing severe stress, then the production of cortisol in the body will increase. It is true that cortisol is very necessary when exercising because this hormone can help muscles to get energy to keep moving. It’s just that, if cortisol is too much in the body, then it can accumulate fat.

3. After exercising, a person eats excessively

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Although after exercising, weight may increase when the appetite is not under control. When exercise, the body will burn more calories. Well, at that time of course the body will continue to need to eat to replace the calories that have been burned earlier. So, if you do what your body wants by eating excessively, then your efforts in losing weight will be in vain.

4. Unhealthy snack consumption

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If you exercise regularly but the diet is still careless, then it will be useless in losing weight. Well, for that, you have to be smart in choosing the type of snacks that you will consume in the diet program that you live. A good type of snack to consume before and after exercise which has a good impact in losing weight.

To lose weight, you should avoid snacks that contain too much sugar and carbohydrates, instant foods or junkfoods and others. consumption of healthy and low-fat foods to keep the body’s metabolism smooth.

5. Over-consumption of foods containing high protein and carbohydrates

Keep in mind that a person who is on a diet program but still consumes high amounts of protein and carbohydrates, then it can be a cause of increasing weight. Foods that contain high protein and carbohydrates will certainly add calories. Therefore, exercise adequately. Don’t take too long. Exercise in under an hour can make the body not need too many additional calories or carbohydrates.

6. Health problems

Weight, Berat Badan Tidak Turun

When you have exercised regularly and balanced with a healthy diet, but still gain weight, you can suspect the state of health. The effect of exercise in losing weight is likely caused by health problems. Therefore, if you experience something like this, you can directly consult a doctor who is suitable for the health problems experienced.

7. Lack of movement

Exercise is not enough to maintain weight. You need to stay physically active in your daily life. If you exercise regularly, after which you do not move at all, then it will be useless. Your weight will stay as it was because of the absence of calories coming out.

8. Lack of time to rest

Rest has an equally important role as sports activities in losing weight. Even if you exercise desperately to lose weight, but your rest time is careless then the program will be destroyed.

You can exercise regularly, but don’t forget your time off. If you’re having trouble, try to schedule a schedule between exercise and rest. That way the two will run in balance. You can do enough exercise and rest as well. By implementing it, it is possible that the program you are applying will be successful.

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So that’s some of the things that may be the cause of your difficulty in losing weight despite having exercised regularly. Therefore, from now on try to fix whatever it is related to the program.

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The most important thing about it all is to keep your health first. Don’t focus too much on losing weight. Even if you’re on a diet, try to diet according to your doctor’s advice. Good luck.

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