Signs of Pregnancy

Signs of Pregnancy

Some women believe that they will know when fertilization occurs in the body. They don’t have to wait for unending menstrual time or other symptoms to know they are pregnant.

These feelings can be just intuition or they can actually feel the small changes that occur in the body that are associated with the first secretion of pregnancy hormones. However, most women can’t really be sure that they’re pregnant so they see the pregnancy test results.

Early Symptoms Pregnancy

A sure sign of pregnancy is the untimely menstrual pad known as amenorrhea. Pregnancy is the main reason for not having menstruation, although it is not the only reason. Stress can also be another reason. Therefore, you should not immediately consider yourself pregnant just because menstruation does not occur.

The following signs are early indications of pregnancy, some of which will appear before you realize that menstruation does not occur this month. However, most women do not realize it until pregnancy has lasted some time:

– Increased fatigue
– Feeling nauseous, especially in the morning
– Urinate more often
– Breasts that feel more sensitive
– Changes in taste such as a sudden craving for certain foods or the onset of bad taste in the mouth.

Signs of suspected pregnancy

– Menstruation late or not menstruating
– Feeling nauseous and vomiting
– Cravings
– Big and tense
– It’s hard to defecate.
– Discoloration of the skin on certain parts, e.g. neck, face and areola mamae
– Epulis (swelling of the gums)
– Varicose veins (the appearance of dilation of blood vessels, for example in the calf)

Uncertain signs of pregnancy

– Enlarged uterus
– Positive pregnancy test (possible false test result due to an error in the examination

Definite signs of pregnancy

– Noticeable fetal movement in the uterus
– There are fetal parts.
– There’s a fetal heart rate.
– Visible adnaya fetal image through ultrasound (ultarsonography)

Signs of Pregnancy

Signs of First Week Of Pregnancy

To know you are pregnant or can not be done by means of pregnancy tests. But usually women can also suspect they are pregnant or not. Usually this right is characterized by late menstruation. if you experience one or more signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Here are the signs of pregnancy in the first week after you start getting pregnant.

The usual physical changes felt in the signs of the first week of pregnancy are painful and swollen breasts or nipples. The breasts will feel heavy, aches and pains when touched. Or sometimes it feels full and gets heavier. In the first two weeks after pregnancy begins, your breasts begin to enlarge and change in preparation for producing milk.

The other signs of pregnancy in the first week are that your body works very hard pumping hormones and producing more blood to bring nutrients to your fetus. To accommodate this increased blood flow, your heart pumps harder and faster.

A little bleeding from the vagina around 11 or 12days after contact. Bleeding caused by fertilized eggs entering the inner lining of the uterus

Some of the following are signs of pregnancy the other first week are:

– Frequent urination
– Headaches
– Constipation
– Mood swings
– Feeling dizzy and drifting
– Basal body temperature increases

For details of early pregnancy signs can be found in the article : Getting to know the 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy

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