Skin Diseases, Types and Causes to Avoid

Skin Diseases

The skin becomes the most important organ of the body because of its location throughout the entire area of the body. So it is no wonder that the skin is very susceptible to disturbances from various skin diseases.

Regarding the treatment in general can be due to irritation, infection, blockage, excessive stimulation resulting in symptoms of redness, swelling, itching until the appearance of pus clots in certain areas. So, what are some common problems that can occur to your skin?

Various things that often happen to the skin, and this is common and frequent, and to be more complete about this problem you can read the full review below.

Eczema Skin Disease
Picture : Eczema skin disease in babies

Various Skin Diseases

  1. Wrinkles
    Do you know if wrinkles turn out to be one type of skin disease. The main cause occurs due to excessive exposure to sunlight. But in addition, the early aging of the skin as well as people who smoke frequently can also affect skin aging.
  2. Rosacea
    It is a type of disease with a very specific sign that the onset of redness on the face such as a small red line accompanied by inflammation under the eyelids, the skin feels thick and the nose appears to swell. Usually doctors can diagnose a person with Resacea from a physical examination as well as a medical history.
  3. Skin Cancer
    According to sources there are two types of skin cancer that are most commonly suffered by most people namely skuamosa cell cancer and basal cell cancer. While the symptoms themselves can be seen in certain places such as face, head, neck, hands and arms. As for other types of skin cancer, melanoma is more dangerous than both types of skin cancer.
  4. Rash
    In general this type of disease is commonly referred to as dermatitis. The most common symptom is that the skin feels itchy and dry. For its place, this rash can be found in the elbow area, the back of the knee, and the face. If you find the condition, then treat the symptoms immediately so as not to get worse as it may result in a more widespread infection.
  5. Psoriasis
    The fifth skin disease is psoriasis, is a type of disease that can result in scaling and swelling. The symptoms appear to be thick patches, redness with perishable scales on the skin can even get drooling (pain). Often, psoriasis is found around the back, scalp, legs, elbows, knees, face and palms/feet.
  6. Eczema
    Eczema is a type of atopic dermatitis skin disease whose symptoms are almost similar to rashes but are more commonly seen in certain parts such as the face, knees, hands and feet. This skin disease still has not been found a special tool to diagnose it, so specialists can only rely on medical history and information from the sufferer.
  7. Hives
    Hives include a type of skin disease arising from drug allergies or due to certain foods. What Causes Hives? On the other hand the cause can also be from infectious and viral factors so that it causes symptoms such as lumps that will sometimes feel itchy and can disappear by themselves.
  8. Impetigo
    Being one of the types of skin infections caused by bacterial attacks impetigo. Often impetigo is experienced by children aged 2-6 years. The disease will get into the skin through scratches or insect bites. The symptoms are red wounds (such as acne) until pus arises around the wound. Usually recommended by doctors through the administration of antibiotics.

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Causes of Skin Diseases


Among many viruses, one of them can be the cause of a skin disease called Rubeola or commonly called measles. This type of disease occurs as a result of infection from certain viruses in the throat and lungs. The transmission process is widely mentioned through the air media such as coughing or sneezing. While the symptoms themselves will appear a runny nose, rash – rash on the skin, fever and long cough.

Excess Oil Gland Production

Surely you already know that the production of oil glands can be one of the causes of the appearance of acne. Although generally the oil gland does serve as a moisturizer of the skin, but because external and internal factors can switch functions to inhibit pores or dead skin so that acne disease appears.


It seems familiar that herpes virus causes skin problems, namely Cold Sore (Herpes Simplex Virus). It is characterized by blistering of the skin and forming a small round of liquid that usually grows around the face and mouth. Sometimes this type of disease can recur without any sign, so be careful because ciaran from inside the cold afternoon is very easy to transmit.


The next cause of skin disease is autoimmune. As a result the occurrence of autoimmune in the body results in the appearance of a type of lupus disease. Whereas it should be immune or immune always protect from viral algae, bacteria and foreign objects but here even what happens behind, autoimmune armpits occur then the cells of the body turn to attack and damage soft tissues (skin and other organs) so that the problem of lupus disease can even have an impact on the problem of kidney, blood tissue and persyarafan system.


Fungi are also the main cause of skin problems. Among other types, mallassezia fungus often results in Seborrheic Eczema (seborrheic eczema) is a skin condition that has excessive redness. Generally, eczema is difficult to spot and the most distinctive symptom sign to be recognized is pain to the touch.


It is a condition where the skin is not suitable for the use of drugs, creams or others so that it feels itchy and accompanied by appearing like lumps – small lumps on the skin. In cases, urticaria disease or hives should be watched because if ignored it can irritate all parts of the skin on your body.

Sweat Gland Disorders

The mechanism of the body in sweating is a natural process carried out by the body to cool the body temperature. But what happens if there is a problem or a malfunction of sweat? Of course, hypohidrosis will occur, namely the inability of the body to sweat so that it results in excess heat and the sufferer can have continuous seizures even leading to death.

Loss of Skin Pigment

As responsible for skin coloring, skin pigments from cell production called melanocytes will normally retain a natural color on the skin. On the other hand, the loss of pigment or decreased production of melanocytes is the cause of skin problems namely Vitiligo. From many vitiligo sufferers, in the area of the skin must begin to appear patches – white patches. Although it doesn’t hurt, the healing is arguably a bit difficult.

With you knowing from now on, at least you can pay more attention to the health of the skin to be maintained health and avoid various diseases, especially on the skin.

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