Sources of Vitamin D, In Addition to Sunlight

Salmon rich in vitamin D

The source of vitamin D is not only found from sunlight, there are many foods that are also rich in vitamin D. Vitamin D itself has many amazing benefits, not only keeping bones stronger.

But now it is revealed, if vitamin D is also able to prevent a variety of diseases. To obtain all these benefits, it is recommended to adequately adhere to vitamin D daily around 400 IU for adults and half for adolescents.

Sources of Vitamin D

The body that is deficient in vitamin D can trigger a variety of chronic disease problems that are life-threatening. For example, such as diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, decreased memory to cancer.

Sunlight accounts for about 80% of the vitamin D needs needed by the body. The best recommended time to get vitamin D from the sun is in the morning. Around 06.00 to 09.00, try to get the sunlight to hit all parts of the body in about 10 minutes.

In order to reduce the risk of skin cancer attacks, it is worth avoiding sun exposure above 09.00 to 3 pm. Well, aside from exposure to the morning sun, there are many other foodstuffs rich in vitamin D. Here are some of them.

1. Fish oil

Sources of vitamin D other than the sun
Fish oil is excellent for supporting nutrients in the body

Fish oil is often used as an ingredient to make supplements, both in the form of pills, capsules and liquids. This food ingredient becomes so special because it is rich in vitamin D that the body desperately needs. While the body does not produce itself directly.

Not only can be obtained by the consumption of supplements only, but fish oil can also be by consuming fish meat directly. Although known for its reputation for poor taste, fish oil supplements are actually rich in vitamin D content that the body needs.

But don’t worry, in the market today there are many fish oil supplements with varied flavors that are preferred. In such supplements, in fact also rich in omega-3 content is quite high and very good for the body.

2. Salmon

The next source of vitamin D-rich food is salmon. In addition to vitamin D, this fish is also rich in omega-3 content. Salmon itself is available in a variety of selectam, ranging from frozen, fresh to canned fish.

According to the study, the content of vitamin D in salmon turned out to be four times much more than in foodstuffs from agricultural products.

3. Tuna

Sources of vitmin D other than sunlight
Sushi from tuna fish rich in vitamin D and other essential nutrients

In addition to salmon, tuna fish is also quite rich in vitamin D. Not only that, this type of sea fish also contains protein and omega-3 which is higher than chicken and beef. So it is very well consumed by children who are in their infancy.

Regular consumption of tuna fish is also recommended to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Omega-3 content in tuna fish is also very good to maintain eye health.

4. Milk

Nutritious foods rich in vitamin D
Milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D

Milk is one of the sources of vitamin D that is quite important for the body. But that’s not all, because there are still many other good nutrients in milk.

For example vitamin A, vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, protein, fat, amino acids and so on. Naturally cow’s milk, both skimmed and full fat milk are all very rich in vitamin D content.

In a glass of pure cow’s milk has a vitamin D content of approximately 100 IU. To meet the daily needs of at least drink a glass of milk or as needed.

5. Eggs

Eggs are rich in protein and vitamin D
Protein sources rich in vitamin D

In one egg there is at least a vitamin D content of 40 IU. In addition, eggs are also rich in proteins that are good for adequate daily nutritional needs. No wonder if eggs are often a choice of nutritious foodstuffs that become mandatory consumption for most people.

Because eggs are very easy to get and the price is very affordable, almost all levels of society can afford eggs. However, excessive consumption of eggs is also strongly discouraged.

Because, not only vitamin D and protein, eggs also contain high cholesterol around 200 mg. While the daily requirement should not exceed 300 mg. Therefore, the consumption of eggs is controlled and do not overdo it.

6. Mushrooms

Another food source that also contains vitamin D is mushrooms. A study suggests that white button mushrooms that are dried for several hours under ultraviolet B light contain about 400% higher vitamin D.

Consuming dried mushrooms is also mentioned as equivalent to the consumption of vitamin D supplements.

7. Shrimp

Sources of vitamin D in shrimp
Shrimp is rich in vitamin D and omega 3 which is good for the body

Furthermore, the food ingredients that contain no less vitamin D is Shrimp. Shrimp itself is a food source that is also rich in omega-3s and high in protein but low in calories and fat.

Shrimp weighing 4 ounces or about 15 large shrimp has a vitamin D content of about 162 IU. This amount is enough to meet the needs of vitamin D per day about 40 percent.

As we know that vitamin D is quite important for the body. Especially to support the absorption of calcium and phosphorus which is very beneficial to keep bones and teeth awake.

Well, that was interesting information about the source of vitamin D that can be obtained other than sunlight. By knowing what kinds of foods, hopefully can help you meet your daily vitamin D needs more optimally. Good luck.

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