Stained Black Under The Eyes? Try These 3 Natural Ingredients

Black stains under the eyes? Try These 3 Natural Ingredients

The cause of dark circles under the eyelids has several factors. Among them, lack of sleep, fatigue or fatigue with work that accumulates that result in stress. Similarly, if you are stricken with disease, as well as nutritional deficiencies and diet patterns that are too tight, black shadows can haunt your appearance.

The disturbing moment comes when we have to look beautiful. However, our performance can be less than optimal because it has dark circles under the eyes. It will obviously make you feel disturbed and uncomfortable with it.

Sometimes to overcome the problem various kinds of efforts you do to just remove the stubborn black stain. Not infrequently, many of you turn to various cosmetics. However, you should not be too easily lulled by what these cosmetic items promise. It will be very possible that cosmetic items will be able to give a negative effect. You need to remember that the eyes as a sense of sight are very important to maintain their health. The eyes have very sensitive nerves. Therefore, it would be better, you use natural products that are free from chemicals such as those contained in cosmetic items.

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According to Her Health and Beauty,there are natural products that can remove black stains under the eyes. Here are some of these natural ingredients:


The first stage you need to do if using cucumber is to clean your face of makeuppolish. Then, you need to lie down and place pieces of cucumber into the area around the eyelids.

Leave the cucumbers on for 15 minutes. You can wait for him while listening to songs that can relax you. After 15 minutes, then rinse and feel the natural freshness due to the cucumber effect.

Cucumbers provide natural moisture that acts as a disease healer or as a booster. Cucumbers do have an excellent influence on health, not only to reduce dark circles or bruises on the eyes, but also can smooth the skin of the face.

Ice Cubes

When you’re an everyday person who’s been in the hot sun for a long time, the chances of your eyes going the extra mile than usual are pretty big. This condition can cause black shadows under the eyes to appear more clearly.

In addition to ultraviolet light, other factors that make the onset of black shadows are dust and pollution. Dust and pollution can cause irritation to the eyes. Try practicing yourself by cleaning your face, then using ice cubes to overcome it. Wrap the ice cubes first with a thin cloth, then place the ice and rub gently on the eyes and surrounding areas. The therapy is useful for removing eye stains due to sunlight.

Green Pumpkin

In addition to cucumbers, another natural product that you can use is green pumpkin. The use of green pumpkin can also be consumed by making juice first. Green pumpkin juice is believed to provide benefits to smooth and brighten facial skin. Do it regularly for maximum results to remove the black shadows under your eyelids.


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