Tips to Maintain Weight in Japanese Society


The majority of Japanese people have tiny bodies that make them look super agile. But know that the secret of the Japanese people in maintaining their weight to remain stable and ideal turns out not only comes from personal desires but has become part of their daily lives, besides that uniquely, the surrounding community also has more contributions about how one should maintain their weight. How could it be? Tips on maintaining weight in the style of japanese society the following may be able to open your eyes that good habits can survive generations and become part of the life of the wider community.

Food Portions

When talking about food portions there are two principles that are always embraced by Japanese society, namely quality and pleasure. So the place of pleasure in enjoying food lies not in quantity but in quality. It is therefore no wonder japanese people tend to consume relatively less food than the people of other countries.

Healthy Snacks

Japanese people rarely ‘snack’ and even if they want to enjoy snacks, they only have healthy types of snacks such as dried fish, dried seaweed, onigiri and rice cakes. Everything is healthy and made from natural ingredients.

Maintaining the weight of japanese people
Healthy Snacks

Sweet Food

Japanese people tend to avoid foods, pastries or sweet snacks. Even if there is a sweet taste is not derived from sugar but is actually the original taste of certain foods such as processed snacks from red beans. Although sweet but still healthy.

Consuming a variety of foods

When it comes to the type of food, the Japanese do not know the name abstinence. They consume almost all kinds of food. So do not be surprised if in one meal, the menu served on the table varies even though it is not available in large portions.


Hara Hachi Bu

Hara Hachi Bu is the basic prinsi embraced by every Japanese which means ‘eat until you feel satisfied’. But do not be mistaken because the meaning of the word ‘satisfied’ here is different from ‘full’. In other words, eat only until the stomach is filled 80% no more than that.

Tea Habits

You know most restaurants in Japan don’t have a menu for beverage options. Instead they only provide bottled water or mineral water as well as unsweetened tea which mareka usually offers to customers for free. This habit has also become the daily habit of Japanese people in their homes.

Gym and Fitness Less Popular in Japan

Most modern societies today allow special time to go to the gym or fitness but not Japanese. Do Japanese people not exercise? Well, they exercise in almost every day of their activities such as avoiding cars and prefer to walk or use a bicycle to do their daily activities. In addition to the japanese who like to consume fresh food so they choose to walk to the market every day to shop instead of shopping every week or once a month like most people.


Social Pressure

Not only from yourself, the wider community also has its own way to spread a culture of healthy living. In Japan it is very difficult to find large clothes so the solution rather than importing clothes from outside is better to keep the weight remains ideal. In addition, japanese people also do not hesitate to say that someone has excessive weight.

So the Japanese are not not trying but the key to tips on maintaining weight in the style of Japanese society is a tradition that has been done from generation to generation.

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