Tonsils, How to Cope With Natural Remedies

Tonsil Disease

Tonsils, although not a life-threatening disease, tonsil disease if left behind will feel very excruciating. Most of these diseases are suffered by children and adolescents.

The way to treat tonsils that are often recommended by the medical authorities is by means of surgery. Surgery is performed to remove swollen tonsils from the inside of the body (throat canal).

In fact surgery is not the only way in curing this tonsil disease, there are some natural or traditional ways without tonsils, which if consumed regularly, can cure this disease.

Want to know what natural ways to treat this tonsil disease?
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Cure tonsils with lime and lime betel

remove tonsils
Lime juice

As we know, lime is a fruit with a very high vitamin C candunagn.

In addition, this fruit has pretty good anti-inflammatory properties, so it can also in curing inflammation that occurs in tonsils.

The way to use it is quite easy, it only takes 2 ingredients, namely lime and lime betel.

How to make :
Clean both ingredients, then peel the lime and squeeze (preferably use 2 pieces of lime).

After that mix the lime juice with the betel lime. Then mix well and drink immediately. Consumption of this solution 2-3 times a day. Do it every day until it heals.

By consuming the fruit of the

tonsils, by consuming pitted fruit
Mengkudu Fruit

The famous fruit has many of these properties, it turns out that it can also be to cure tonsil disease. Although it tastes bad, but the efficacy of this fruit does not need to be done anymore.

How to create and use it:
Prepare the cleaned mengkudu, preferably choose ripe mengkudu fruit, so that its efficacy can be maximized.

Once cleaned squeeze and then strain to take the water. To reduce the bad taste, you can add a few spoonfuls of pure honey.

Drink this herb regularly 3 times a day until it feels its effect.

Treating tonsils with benalu leaves

Drug Tonsils Tree Adas Sane Pulo
Sane Pulo Adas Tree

The next natural ingredients to cure amndel are benalu leaves and sane pulo anesis. Both ingredients are believed to be efficacious in curing tonsil disease.

How to make it is also very easy. First prepare sane pulo anesthes with cleaned benalu leaves.

For the measure please take it into account. First mash until smooth these two ingredients, once mashed smoothly, put in a cup of hot water. Stir well and precipitate.

After settling drink his water regularly every day. It’s best to drink this herb only two or three times a day.

So about how to cure tonsils in a natural way without surgery. Good luck.

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