Vitamins For Young Pregnant Women and Their Suplemet

Vitamins For Young Pregnant Women

In the early stages of pregnancy,the fetus is completely prone to natural miscarriage. Therefore, nutritional needs and Vitaminbetul really must be maintained both physical health and content and comfort. Good vitamins for young pregnant women are obtained through the menu of fruit foods every day. In addition it is good and useful for the pregnancy of the mother and the fetus she conceives. By fulfilling the needs of vitamins (gestational age of less than 5 weeks) can improve the health of the mother and keep changes in fetal organs.

Here are some vitamins that need to be fulfilled in the early days of pregnancy (young pregnant women) through a variety of food menus every day:

Vitamins For Pregnant Women

Vitamin A

Benefits of Vitamin A for pregnant women;

  • Maintain the resilience of pregnant women,
  • Maintain hair and nail health
  • To keep your eyes on it so that it stays in good shape.
  • Vitamin A that is good for young pregnant women can be found in the daily food menu among others; vegetables such as carrots, milk and egg yolks.

Vitamin B1 – B12

Benefits of Vitamin B1 – B12 for pregnant women;

  • maintain the health of the stomach and intestines of pregnant women,
  • reduce the frequency of vomiting and nausea that is common in young pregnant women due to morning sickness.
  • Stimulates the formation of physical organs of the fetus in the early stages of the womb.

Good B vitamins can be found in the daily food menu among others; bananas, wheat, liver, and nuts

Vitamin C

Benefits of Vitamin C;

  • maintain the resilience of pregnant women, so that pregnant women do not get sick easily.
  • Helps the permeation of iron in the intestines, and avoids mother from anemia during pregnancy.

Good young vitamin C can be found in fruits such as citrus fruits, apples, lemons, tomatoes and some other fruits.

Vitamin D

Benefits of Vitamin D;

  • as stimulation to stimulate calcium infiltration into the intestines that will be absorbed by the blood and sent to the tissues to be further absorbed by the bone.

Good vitamin D can be found in eggs, fish oil and fatty fish.

Vitamin E

Benefits of Vitamin E;

  • Helps maintain the integrity of cell walls in the body.
  • Maintains the health of skin tissue.

Vitamin E can be found in wheat.

Good Supplement Vitamin Supplement For Young Pregnant Women

Good Supplement Vitamin Supplement For Young Pregnant Women
Vitamins and Suplements

In the first week of pregnancy in the first trimester of pregnancy it is really recommended to increase the consumption of nutrients pregnant women contained a lot of folic acid. In addition, there are also some additional vitamin supplements for young pregnant women.

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Here are some good vitamins consumed by pregnant women

Pregnant women can try OSFIT DHA, a good vitamin for young pregnant women (especially in early pregnancy). Dha and EPA content in it is very good for early changes in the fetal brain, dha osphytes also have calcium content, tuna fish oil, and vitamin D3. In order to be more detailed about whether or not OSFIT DHA is safe for mothers, and what mother needs additional vitamins it should be asked first to the doctor / midwife closest.

Alternative vitamins of young pregnant women other than OSFIT DHA is Prolacta with DHA for mother available in many of the closest pharmacies such as Century or Guardian. Prolact with DHA is 60 soft capsules (can be for two months because one capsule a day). Prolacta with DHA for mother contains DHA, EPA, OMEGA 3+, Calcium, Vit.D3 and others. Consult a doctor first regarding whether or not the mother needs to consume the supplement.

Additional supplements for young pregnant women are maximal. Reassure the mother of the mother’s pregnancy period by drinking more water, enough rest, and regular light activities throughout pregnancy as an alternative exercise for pregnant women.

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