5 Ways to Slim Down Your Fat Stomach After Giving Birth

How to Slim down a Fat Belly After Giving Birth

After giving birth, the condition of the woman’s body certainly cannot be normal again as it was. Losing weight postpartum is a pretty difficult challenge to do. So, not a few of the mothers complained about this.

Enlarged parts of the body such as the pelvis and abdomen take a long time to return to their original state. Preferably, go on a diet naturally using herbal remedies that can be made by yourself, without disrupting the process of breast milk for the little one. Here are some ways to slim down your fat belly after giving birth that you can try.

1. Breastfeeding babies with breast milk

Breastfeeding is the best natural way because it can benefit the mother and her baby. Breast milk can form powerful antibodies in babies as well as create a physical and emotional bond between the mother and baby. By breastfeeding, the mother will expel 500 calories per day. The stomach will contract so that the uterus can shrink again as before getting pregnant.

2. Apply a healthy diet

A healthy diet full of balanced vitamins and minerals can also lose weight. Avoid instant and fatty foods. Then replace it with highly nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruits, lean meats, nuts, and whole grains. Also reduce sodium from salt which can cause swelling.

3. Using a corset

Corsets or abdominal binding techniques should be performed by mothers after childbirth until approximately 3 months after. The corset serves to encourage muscles and tissues to return to their original state, so that the stomach will return to its original state.

4. Do meditation

Doing meditation or yoga in addition to being able to give a calming effect on the mind, can also lose weight postpartum.

5. Exercise naturally

Do natural sports such as running, swimming, cycling, or just walking. Simple, but the benefits are great. The calories in the body will burn and make the weight slowly drop.

6. Eating cinnamon

Cinnamon is believed to handle stomach problems, one of which is for weight loss. Boil cinnamon with water and cloves, then drink for 40 days.

7. Eat food with little but frequent

One way to streamline your stomach is to eat as often as possible, but the portions are small. You can eat as many as 4 to 5 times a day with a small portion. By applying a diet like this, you can control the type of food consumed. In addition, you will not feel starved if you eat food in this way. Hunger can be dangerous because it tends to be that people can eat dishes that contain a lot of sugar and calories.

8. Consume as much water as possible

You can shrink your stomach after giving birth naturally by consuming a lot of water. Water can dissolve toxins as well as diseases that exist in the organs of the body. So that digestion can function to the maximum.

Eight ways of slimming a fat belly after giving birth above must be done regularly in order to get the most out of it.

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