Weight Gain During Pandemic, Take a Peek At Healthy Breakfast Menu Options To Lose Weight

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During the pandemic, most people experience weight gain or obesity. Having to go through all the activities at home makes many people start to implement bad habits that can gain weight,including a poor diet.

Weight gain certainly makes many people no longer confident so they are looking for a way to lose weight appropriately. One of them is by getting used to always breakfast or breakfast in the morning. According to research at tev Aviv University states that women who are diligent in breakfast are easier to lose weight than those who never have breakfast.

Therefore, start by planning foods as a healthy breakfast menu in the morning while considering the nutritional content and nutrients in it. Then, what kind of foods are suitable to be a breakfast menu in the process of losing weight? Let’s check out the reviews below!


youghurt Healthy Breakfast Menu
Photos of Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the foods suitable for weight loss and safe if consumed daily. That’s because yogurt contains high protein, calcium and healthy fats. The content of some nutrients is what makes the body feel full for a long time.

When consuming yogurt as a breakfast menu can be mixed with fruits, nuts, or oats to add flavor. However, the type of yogurt that is considered most suitable for weight loss is greek yogurt.


smoothie breakfast menu
Picture : ANDREY.LV (Andrey Nikiforov)

Smoothies have a filling properties when consumed so that this can be made into a breakfast menu to lose weight, as long as it is appropriate in choosing the ingredients used.

To make smoothies as a healthy breakfast menu, use fruits and vegetables that are low in calories but high in fiber for a long time. In addition, use also ingredients that have high protein such as grains and nuts.


egg breakfast menu
Egg photo

Consumption of eggs as a breakfast menu can help lose weight. Eggs contain 6 grams of protein, 70 calories, essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore, this food can be used as a substitute for carbohydrates to make the stomach full longer. By consuming eggs, a person can lose weight effectively.


spinach breakfast menu
Photos of spinach

Next up is spinach. This type of green vegetables is also suitable as a breakfast menu to lose weight. Spinach contains low calories and is high in fiber which is good for the body.

Wheat seeds

Grain photo

Whole grains contain vitamins, high fiber and some minerals such as manganese, thiamine and selenium) which are effective in losing weight in a short period of time.

To get a quick result, wheat seeds can be consumed regularly as a breakfast menu in the morning. By consuming these types of grains during breakfast, appetite will be reduced so that the satiety will last until noon.

Wheat bread

Wheat bread
Wheat bread photos

All things that come from processed wheat can be a suitable menu for weight loss, as well as wholemeal bread. Consumption of wholemeal bread at breakfast in the morning can replenish the carbohydrate reserves that have been drained from the body. Thus, it can make satiety become durable.


Photos of processed salmon

Just like eggs, salmon also contains a lot of protein. So, this fish is very suitable to be a food menu for breakfast as a process of losing weight.


xiaomi redmi note 9 series

A pot of oatmeal without sugar can be a healthy breakfast menu for someone who is planning a weight loss program. Oatmeal has filling properties due to its high fiber and protein content,

Processed oatmeal suitable for weight loss program is oatmeal that has been cooked first. Add honey, maple syrup or fruits to add oatmeal flavor to taste more delicious.



Banana is one of the fruits that can be used as a healthy breakfast menu in the morning because the fiber content in this fruit is high and low in calories.

One medium-sized banana contains 3 grams of fiber. By consuming one banana, the person has fulfilled 12 percent of daily fiber needs. Fiber content in this fruit is able to delay hunger and control sugar levels in the blood.

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In addition, bananas are a good source of resistant starch. These types of starch include starch that cannot be digested by the stomach and small intestine. so that a person is full for a long time

Well that’s the review of some foods that are suitable to be a healthy breakfast menu for weight loss. In addition, balance also by implementing other healthy lifestyles such as adequate rest, do not easily stress and exercise regularly so that the results of the weight loss program is more optimal.

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