3 Keys to Life

3 Keys to Life

Like a house that needs a key to enter it, a peaceful and prosperous life also needs a key in order to be able to feel it.

Then what is the key to life in this world?

Many people assume that to enjoy a peaceful life one needs abundant wealth, a mansion, large deposits, high office, proud social status. Is it true that all that guarantees to be able to feel life in the world for the better?

Everything that is considered ‘wah’ above does not guarantee a person to feel happy, all of the above considered ‘luxury’ is temporary. There are people who have abundant wealth but their families are divorced, there are people who have high office in blasphemy for alleged corruption. What does it all mean if in the end it will only give mental burdens, concerns, inner suffering?.

It doesn’t mean anything, because it’s all just a deposit, which may be lost at any time, and ultimately can’t guarantee anything in life.

3 Keys to Life
Key of Life

Then what are the 3 real keys to life if the above is only temporary?

1. First Key: FAITH

Never lose faith in the Creator. What you have learned about goodness, if it becomes a handle on this life. When difficult situations happen, again hold on to each other’s faith to always be strengthened. When temptation approaches, realize yourself that you should not be defeated by temptations that are momentary pleasures. Glad or sad let faith always live in every human being.

2. Second Key: HOPE

As long as the sun is still shining in the morning, as long as you are still breathing when you wake up in the morning, then hope will always be in this life. A person will feel an extraordinary life, when he always raises positive expectations in this life.

Although bitter experiences once adorn your diary, the suffering you have always endured, believe me as long as your hope for tomorrow is always positive, then the storm that has been present will surely pass. The most important thing is whether one still has hope when the world gets tougher on him.

Living with positive expectations will move you towards something good, be more motivated to make things happen, and increasingly have the confidence that you are an extraordinary person.

3. Third Key: LOVE

Mother Teresa has always spread the virus of love to anyone who needs it. No matter she is beautiful, sick, or poor, because anyone in this world deserves love. Living with love is the beginning of peace.

Why is there divorce, why is there war, why is there violence, why is there resentment? The cause is very simple, because there is no love in each to spread to many people. You can only spread the virus of love, if you have created it in yourself by beginning to accept yourself for who you are, grateful for all god’s gifts in this life.

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These three keys can be used as a handle or complement your life for the better. No matter whether you are rich or modest, have a high position or not, always bring these three keys to help you open the doors of happiness, peace, and well-being. You certainly don’t want this to be temporary, so always bring the key to your life.

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