9 Inspiring Activities To Celebrate Christmas In The Midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Things to do for Christmas

Christmas in 2020 is very different from the christmas celebration in the previous year. This is because, the whole world is still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that requires all its citizens to stay at home if they can. In Christmas this year, all activities that should be done outside must be eliminated first in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19 including Natalan.

However, that does not mean we can not celebrate, we can still christmas at home which is certainly filled with typical Christmas activities that may be a little different than usual. Approximately what activities can be done at Christmas at home and of course this celebration does not need to endanger yourself and your extended family? For that, yes.

1. Keep prioritizing family traditions at Christmas

The first inspiring idea that can be done at Christmas at home is to keep prioritizing the traditions that families usually do at Christmas. If the traditions in your family at Christmas are like decorating a Christmas tree, exchanging gifts, and gathering together, then do it. However, this time celebrate only with the nuclear family only.

Well, if the Christmas tradition in your family is a holiday, then don’t do it for now. You can replace it by decorating the holiday atmosphere. This is done to please the family even if only Natalan at home only.

2. Shop for gifts and send them early

Usually in the run-up to Christmas, there will be a Christmas Dinner that is also filled with gift exchanges. Gifts given for Christmas gifts are in accordance with the wishes of the giver. If you are confused about what especially the closest people, you can search about the idea of Christmas gifts for the closest people.

This year, the exchange of gifts must be postponed first. Nevertheless, you can still give gifts to friends, friends and closest family by sending them through expeditions.

Well for that, you have to shop for gifts for Christmas long before the celebration arrives. This is done so that when sending gifts to friends, friends, girlfriends, and family who are outside the city or country can arrive on time, namely when Christmas arrives or the day before.

If you don’t have time to shop even though shopping online, you can create a digital Christmas greeting card as a Christmas gift for those closest to you.

3. Make a Christmas tree and decorate the house with family

With the celebration of Christmas in the midst of this pandemic, of course, you can make a Christmas tree and decorate your own home with your family. Usually when you decorate a Christmas tree, you have to buy the ornaments in offline and online stores. Well, for Christmas at home in 2020, you can decorate the Christmas tree with the concept of DIY in the ornament. When decorating the house, you can use the concept of DIY that is suitable for Christmas. With this, your Christmas celebrations will be more personal.

4. Worship virtually

Christmas is synonymous with church worship. In the midst of this pandemic, these activities still should not be done to avoid contracting the Covid-19 virus. Well for that, you can find a Church that holds worship virtually or can also worship only with the nuclear family at home.

5. Create an online Christmas party event

Usually after Christmas, there will be a Christmas party celebrated by the whole extended family, even with friends and friends. Well for that, you must schedule a series of events that will be done during an online party. With this, the friendship will be maintained and togetherness will remain.

6. Make Christmas specialties together

After decorating the house and making the Christmas tree finished, you can make a typical Christmas dish that is done together with the family. Typical Christmas dishes that you can make such as gingerbread, poffertjes cake, roasted chicken, apple pie, pudding, klappertaart, and others. Once the dish is finished, you can arrange it in a special way.

7. Singing and karaoke together

To celebrate Christmas at home, you can add activities by singing and karaoke together with family. You can sing Christmas songs accompanied by musical instruments in your home. In addition, you can do karaoke by connecting the TV to YouTube. To make it even more exciting, when singing you can use cute Christmas accessories. With this, your Christmas together with family is guaranteed to be much more fun.

8. Doing a movie marathon

Finished singing and singing, you can proceed to a marathon of Christmas-related movies. Usually at Christmas, the movie that is often watched is Home Alone. If you have a recommendation of the movies to be watched, you should first ask the family if they want to watch the movies that have been on the list. This is done so that the family remains comfortable and enjoys the spectacle shown. While watching, you can prepare snacks as a companion while watching.

9. Use the best costumes to celebrate Christmas

Although celebrating Christmas at home, you along with your family should still use the best costumes to celebrate Christmas together. If you really want to use the same costume, you should first negotiate what to wear at Christmas. You can also use unique costumes such as costumes of the character of Santa Claus, deer, and snow man. This is done in order to liven up the atmosphere of Christmas even though celebrating at home.

Well that’s some ideas that can be done when celebrating Christmas at home in the midst of a pandemic like today. Although you can not celebrate it outside the house, you can celebrate it at home which of course makes togetherness maintained and tighten the family rope.

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