The Depth of a Woman’s Heart (Feelings VS Logic)

taste vs logic

Mendahulukan rasa dibanding logika itulah ciri khas wanita, tetapi sungguh jika pun itu mewujud kebenaran apa salahnya? Bukankah kelembutan cinta kasih juga bermula dari kedalaman hati dalam meluhurkan sebuah rasa yang membuncah di dalam dada.

Women have the sensitivity to interpret all symptoms, for him to be as good as glorifying and glorified is only by edifying the servant of affection with the fullest ability to be careered with a prayer of happy modesty greets the lips of the soul.

A woman is the mother of life, raises her with honesty and then embraces her in a shady cradle until she writes to God about being born and is to be the guardian of wisdom and breastfeeding the children of the age with love that never has any limits.

Soft-hearted woman with a strong heart. In hela breath there is a fortress of strength that is able to bear thousands of burdens until sometimes in one hela his breath is kept a secret that will not be able to be told with millions of vocabulary, because it is too upset by sorrow.

There is one word that women like, while it is very difficult for men to say, which is “I’m sorry.” For for men, the word seems to drop self-esteem, whereas for a woman a man who will admit his mistakes and dare to say the word sorry is actually a real man. This is because for a woman, a strand of sorry is born of sincerity similar to the expression of tenderness.

Ini hanya sekelumit kisah perihal wanita. Sebab menghimpun bait-bait makna pada sosoknya ialah kerja seumur hidup, sebab wanita merupakan episode-episode terpanjang yang dijejali metafora. Hingga salah sedikit saja menafsirnya kita akan terjebak lalu hilang dalam rimba tanya.

Know that she struggles to master the hardness of a partner by succumbing more. For him to succumb to that triumph in a manner of polite, gentle yet deadly selfishness.

Behind the courage to relent, women send the message that the quality of relationships is not based on the ability to master the heart with arrogance. But the ability softens the heart with love.

The Depth of a Woman's Heart (Feelings VS Logic)

Women are not unable to fight; they could rebel, but it became the shortest path to destruction. If he wins in this way there is still regret for hurting someone he loves. And this feeling of regret is precisely the receivable that weighs the most on the depths of the mind.

Therefore, women get used to mastering themselves. Relenting is one of those skills that must be mastered despite the weight. Because he believes, as hard as a partner remains a gap to enter the tenderness of love.

When it comes in, it’s the gentle feeling that will guide the couple to understand how lucky it is to have a woman who provides a losing space to win over her partner’s selfishness.

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