Best Friend, A One That Offers A Variety of Flavors of Life

Best Friend, A One That Offers A Variety of Flavors of Life

Having friends is fun. There are places to share, some accompany under any circumstances. In addition to being happy when you’re happy, and offering a backrest when you’re sad, friends also offer you a variety of life flavors. It’s also a friendship that has a problem. There are also some rules of friendship that you must adhere to. Before, try to get to know the role of best friend in your life, let’s go!

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Who can be called a best friend? Friends are the one who understands you and you are the same

Anyone must have a bad nature, no exception to you. My friend certainly understands all your bad qualities. Of course, you have to be like him, to understand all the bad and most importantly, how you can support each other in order to improve the nature and the ugliness. Sweet indeed, if you can accept each other as they are. But, being better together is certainly more beautiful.

Friends are the faithful and heavy to go

He knows all the difficulties you face. He understands, and he can’t help but leave you facing everything alone. Although he can’t help much, but his best friend is the one who’s always willing to hear you. If he has to go, trust me the anxiety in his heart makes him willing to keep a close eye on you. Friend, he’s your second soul.

Friends are the one who can scold when you’re wrong

Don’t get mad if it turns out that your best friend isn’t defending you. There are times when you’re wrong. And as a man who loves you, friends always want you to rise from your mistakes. When he doesn’t hesitate to scold you, it’s actually one form of compassion so you don’t repeat the same mistake.

What are the rules of friendship?

What are the rules of friendship?

Must trust each other and maintain trust

Don’t betray him if he’s a big believer in telling you everything. It’s not just about keeping secrets, it’s that trust prevails when someone is intent on ruining your friendship. Believe me, you love her and she’s the same. Don’t waver by the rumors of sheep fighting. Best friend, don’t want another bad friend’s name in someone else’s eyes.

There are limits

You can’t always interfere with his personal affairs. Keeping his privacy a priority. When you want to talk, think about the best time. Don’t interfere with his sleep, not all of your grievances should be spilled on him. It’s best not to rely on it. Be independent.

What are the problems that often occur?

Separate space and time

Not forever you can be in the same space and time. For the sake of life development and because of busyness you can rarely be together again. Rarely meet and communication can be one of the triggers for the fracturing of your friendship. Most importantly, don’t underestimate a form of attention. Ask for news once a day is enough. You know, how much do they fall into negative things because they feel alone? Don’t let anyone feel lonely. Leave time to hear and tell him.


Two heads into one is definitely not easy. Dissent is not uncommon. Misunderstood, could be present at any time. It’s natural. And selfishness can make things worse. For example, not wanting to hear an explanation from him or not wanting to make up after a fight. Don’t be selfish. The upset and sadness of the fight is not just you, it’s the same.

Most importantly, you and your best friend are committed to looking after each other, needing each other and loving each other. Commitments sometimes don’t need to be said. Just be aware that you love her so much and she’s the same. Eternal friendship does not need status and all sorts of binding. Enough of your hearts are intertwined, so the companions are created from your own feelings, in fact.

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