Guarantee of Success

Guarantee of Success

There was a young man who had great curiosity. For almost a year, he studied with the wisest teacher in his country. There was a question that piqued his interest to be asked of the teacher.

One day, the opportunity arrived and was not wasted by the young man. The teacher was resting and in his study, alone.

Before entering the room, the young man asked permission, “I’m sorry, Master. Is the teacher busy right now?

No matter how busy, the teacher always made time for my students. What do you want to ask my son?” asked the teacher, allowing the young man in.

After sitting down, the young man immediately revealed his heart, “Teacher, I do want to ask you one thing that has long been buried in my mind.

“Just say it.”

“Teacher, what is the key to success? I learned from the teacher all this time, of course I want to be successful in this life.”

For a moment the teacher observed the student before replying: “Good question. Everyone wants to be successful. The question is: What is success?”

Without waiting for a reply from his student, the teacher continued: “Success is the designation of the final result, according to the targeted. Conversely, by failing, is the designation of the end result that does not match the target. Well, what’s your target, determine first. After that, there are 3 important things you have to do on the way to the target.”

With sparkling eyes, the young man said, “What is it, Master?”

“If you can be more diligent, learn-wonder and do, than anyone else, then 50 percent of the guarantee of success is in your hands.” The young man recorded the teacher’s answer in his mind.

“Second, if you can be much more honest than everyone else, you’ll get another 20 percent guarantee of success.”

The young man excitedly asked, “Then, the remaining 30 percent, Master?” asked the young man impatiently to see the teacher continue his sentence.

The teacher brandished a pencil in front of the young man. “The rest you can find here.” The student looked at the pencil and said, “What’s wrong with that pencil?

Without answering his student’s question, the teacher touched the blunt end of the pencil into the young man’s arm. The silent young man didn’t understand. Suddenly the teacher turned the pencil over and the pointy end was thrust into the young man’s arm which immediately threw in shock while exclaiming in pain.

Smiling, the teacher explained: “The pointy end is called focus. So, aim your whole mind and actions at a big and true point of goal, and the remaining 30 percent of the guarantee of success you will get if you really focus on doing it.

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