I Want to Talk About Grief

I Want to Talk About Grief

I Want to Talk About Sadness – Everyone’s been through it–I’ve been too, but everyone has a different way of living it. And the passion I did was simple, holding back as hard as possible so that my tears would not drip so as not to weaken the situation. Although it’s suffopped in the chest, but strengthening yourself I think a wise choice.

Sadness can be a way provided by God in order to be grateful in answering the challenges of life as difficult as anything. Is not difficulty given according to the ability of His people. Thus, the maturity of life is one of them measured by how much of life’s problems we are able to solve calmly, patiently and believe that no matter how bad the suffering that is now felt will end someday.

Crying is good actually, because tears are the prayer of the shade of love. At each drop there’s a story that can’t be discussed in words.

But allowing oneself to sing the drops of tears sometimes makes the soul weak, often giving up and choosing to surrender to the situation; on defeat! Whereas every calamity is just a way to love Him more diligently, because sometimes God just gives a rebuke because we often forget to believe in the goodness of piety.

Suffering is the most romantic language, every suffering will bring out a soft side that tends to be sensitive and so sentimental it even leads to feminism.


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But behind that there is a great influence in character building, for a person who is able to rise from suffering to run as fast as possible to happiness is someone who realizes that happiness is everyone’s right and therefore worth fighting for in such a way.

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