Imagine, Not Wishful thinking

Imagine, Not Wishful thinking

Everyone should be realistic, aware of the reality of life and not run away from it. Do not live in wishful thinking, because wishful thinking will only make the soul empty, not energetic and slow to respond to situations and changing times.

Here’s a light Inspirational Story that might motivate us all.

A male milk seller is on his way to the market to sell milk from his dairy cows. He carried a full sleen of milk over his head. He began to dream about everything he would buy after his milk sold out.

“With this money, I’m going to buy hundreds of chickens that I’m going to raise in my backyard. And when my chicken is big, I’ll sell it all for a big price in the market.”

As he walked, he continued to dream, “Then I will buy a goat that I will keep in the garden near the house. At the big time, I’m going to sell it for a big price.”

While continuing to dream, he muttered, “After that, I’m going to buy a cow, and I’m going to have more milk to sell. That way, I’ll get even more money.”

With all the wishful thinking and beautiful delusions that raged inside him, he unknowingly jumped for joy. Suddenly, he slipped and fell. The barrel on his head filled with milk eventually fell and broke to hit the ground. It’s over with his dreams and dreams. Now he can only be subdued and weeps lamenting his spilled milk.

Imagine, Not Wishful thinking

From the story above, one of the points that can be taken is that what is needed to face a changing life is real action, not wishful thinking!. What can be said of excessive wishful thinking and delusion without a foothold?
Wishful thinking or delusion is not the same as imagining, because wishful thinking is just an eskapis activity (an escape that produces nothing). While imagination has more focus as an effort to achieve an outcome.

For example, the Wright brothers (Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright) imagined how humans could fly. An airplane was born with the imagination of both of them. The imagination is followed up by conducting a series of experiments. Compare that to what the milk merchant man did in the story above. Don’t get rich, he’ll be miserable.

Achieve success immediately! Imagine to produce the latest creations to make breakthroughs in the field that Buddy is involved in. But don’t fall into wishful thinking.

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