Leave Immediately People Who Like To Argue

Leave Immediately People Who Like To Argue

This is one of the most important things, that one should be on the path of salaf who salih in all chapters of religion, namely tawhid, worship, muamalah, and others.

Likewise, he should abandon the argument and argue, for debate and contention are the doors that will cover the path of righteousness.

So debate and rebuttal will drag someone to speak out just because they want to defend themselves. Even if the truth is clear to him, you will find one who likes to argue will still deny it, or he will distort his meaning in ways that are hated in defense of himself and to force those who disagree with him to accept his words.

So if you find your brother arguing and arguing blindly when the truth is clear, then you should run away from him as you flee from the lion.

The truth is clear, but he refuses to follow it. So you should flee from him as you fled from the lion, and tell him, “Enough is enough!” And leave him!


Debates often occur among people, whether among fellow schoolmates, workmates, among neighbors, fellow organization friends, even among fellow family members. Debates not only take place in the real world but also in cyberspace.

Although the debate is true in Religion, there are also debates that are not true. Among them is arguing with fools. So the Religious Experts warned not to argue with them.

Arguing with fools will not bring manfa’at, because fools the purpose of arguing is not to seek the truth. But for justification for the win-win. So it’s no wonder to see fools showing bad behavior in arguing.

Arguing with fools will only be a debate here and there that won’t end.


Arguing with fools will only make time wasted. Arguing with fools can also be overwhelmed with questions and stupid objections. Because fools don’t understand the real problem.

“If a fool invites you to argue, then the best attitude is to be quiet, not respond”

“If you serve, then you will be difficult on your own. And if you are friends with him, he will always hurt you.”

“If anyone asks me, if challenged by the enemy, do you shut up?

“Silence towards fools is a nobleness. And keeping honour is good.”

Don’t you see that a lion is feared because he is quiet? Whereas a dog is made a game because he likes to bark?

Imam Shafi’i

Avoiding debate with fools is the right attitude and is the attitude of the wise.

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