What’s The Reason Behind The Minimalist Lifestyle of Successful People?

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Minimalist lifestyle, In everyday life it is very easy for us to make choices that are actually meaningless at all and do not even have any positive impact on the lives of you and others.

Surely you’ve experienced the event of being late to meet someone just because there are things that really don’t matter going on at home or when you suddenly stop your work which is actually very important and concerns the interests of the crowd just to do trivial things that aren’t even worth your precious time. Perhaps it is good that you learn about the reasons behind the minimalist lifestyle of successful people especially when it is about reducing doing things that are not important and focusing only on the things that are most important and crucial or that need attention the most.

What's The Reason Behind The Minimalist Lifestyle of Successful People

Minimalist Lifestyle Reduces Portion in Decision Making

Knowing not to make that decision is a painstaking process no matter how in importance the decision you make. Surely you know mark zuckerbergs and steve jobs, the founder of Facebook is always seen wearing the same clothes every day as well as Steve Jobs. This turned out to be their attempt to reduce the share in decision making. Let’s compare it to your life, how much time do you spend just deciding what clothes to wear every day when you just have to go to the market instead of a CEO of a big company? Actually it’s not a matter of not having time but rather how to make the most of the time available to do the most valuable things. The clothing problem is just a small example of how successful people are so appreciative of the time they have.

Here is an example of a minimalist lifestyle styled by Mark Zukerbergs that is a row of his clothes in a closet that was once posted on his facebook page.

What's The Reason Behind The Minimalist Lifestyle of Successful People

You may think that such a strange lifestyle tends to be crazy, but it is proven that such lifestyles are very effective when it come to reducing the portion of daily decision making and consequently stress and stress are also reduced.

Reducing Attention To In importance Makes You Have Plenty of Opportunities To Give More

Mark Manson who is a book writer The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck once a writer with a style of language that is a bit harsh but it is one way to say honestly, he thinks “The key in life is not about paying more attention but about how to reduce that attention and just focus on the things that are important and need immediate attention”.

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By choosing a minimalist lifestyle then you will be able to save your life from trivial and inm drawnant things that drain a lot of your attention and energy and instead ordain your precious time. In addition, when you only focus on what is really important and reduce attention to trivial things will also lower the risk of stress. But don’t misinterpret that reducing your attention makes you an unconcerned person. As Manson has said, “No attention doesn’t mean you don’t care, but you feel good about yourself because you’re different.”

In other words do not ignore what others say to you, people comment on your lifestyle and do not feel stressed about things that are not important because it will only waste time and energy. Just believe that good things will always come to you in time.

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