Want to Succeed? Example 8 Habits of This Japanese People

Want to Succeed? Example 8 Habits of This Japanese Man

Japan is not only a destination country for vacation. But behind the beauty of the country, there is so much cultural wisdom in the community. A so-called culture that we can set an example for being successful. It’s not just imitating how to dress and learn the language. By applying these simple habits, there is guaranteed to be positive energy that will arise in your soul. Here are 8 japanese habits that you deserve to emulate;

Diligent Reading Wherever You Are

Japanese people prefer to read books compared to watching television or playing mobile phones. They make a culture of reading that can be done for hours a day. Not that they don’t have a job. However, wherever they are they prefer to take the time to read. Like traveling to the office by train. It is interrupted by the time it is used for reading.

As Long As Anything Stays Culturally Queued

Don’t be asked again about the culture of queuing. The Japanese are very compliant with the rules. Queuing is one of their forms of discipline. Don’t compare it to our country, obviously losing out on discipline on this one. Note that if you are on holiday there, do not be overwhelmed to adapt.

Save Money and Save Diligently

The financial management of the Japanese people is also very good. Frugal and diligent life saving is already attached to them. In fact, there is a habit that some Japanese people will shop after eight o’clock at night. Why is that? Because at that time there is a discount before the shop closes. It’s cool.

Hard Work

Japanese citizens are considered to be highly hard-working citizens. According to the study, people’s working hours are higher than those of America, The United Kingdom, Germany and France. It’s been frugal, worked hard anyway. Must be rich citizens.

Culture of Shame

8 Japanese Habits It is said that the culture of shame becomes a declining culture in Japanese society. You’re going to have to imitate it. One of the cultures of shame applied is when on the highway. Japanese people prefer detours rather than annoying the road users who are behind it. And they will be ashamed if they break the rules. Unlike in our country, making a mistake goes viral.

Work A Lot of Little Talk

For japanese people time is money and used as best as possible. There’s no denying that when they work they’re quiet a lot. Don’t ask in our country, gossip, playing mobile phone or maen game becomes the best intercubine. A little imitating Japanese culture, surely the human resources in this country are quality.

Japanese People Are Not Gadget Maniacs

This one is also a pelin problem in our country. If judging by the previous habit of reading books, it can certainly be concluded that they are not gadget maniacs. Because in their free time they prefer to read books and newspapers as opposed to playing gadgets. It’s so different from our country, don’t take your free time, they just steal the opportunity to play gadgets.

There’s a Culture of Naps in Japanese Companies

Lastly, there are companies in Japan that provide special rest time for sleep. Sleep time is about 30 minutes. With the rest time used for sleep is judged to help employee productivity. Sleep for a moment is able to refresh all the kepenata and will spirit back after waking up. I don’t think it’s going to work out.

You can apply from all eight cultures. Although in Indonesia does not have such a culture, but trying to get better is also necessary. Who knows what habits you emulate can make yourself more qualified to live life. Good-bye!

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