When Women Say “I’m fine”

When Women Say "I'm fine"

Women readily say, “I’m fine” Even if to say that he keeps a lie because in his heart it’s actually very bad. But women realize, attention in love is not given on the basis of pity, but based on sensitivity.

Know that the word “I am fine” is generally spoken to the man who is considered to love him the most with the aim of whether the man feels it from the deepest heart. Supposedly, without saying the heart of a true lover will also feel the state of the person he considers to be a soul mate.

Such is the woman, always giving an opportunity to the man who is considered to love her the most to prove whether her heart has the most sincere understanding consciousness and is really moved by God. If the ability to understand a couple born from a heart driven directly by God will surely last a long time to establish a loving feeling that touches on the glory of solidarity.

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When Women Say "I'm fine"

She’s the most magical creature. He always had a way of teaching the best love. Learn to understand it from the heart, not just from what it says. Indeed, that is the process of finding the authenticity of love, to be honest uniting the sense of having to start from sensitivity so that a survivor of teaching interprets every woman’s speech from the deepest heart of a man who has the ability to protect.

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