The Wise Words of Inspiring Important Figures

Take a Look at the Words of Wisdom of Inspirational Important Figures

The wise words of world changers in various fields often become a psychological necessity to encourage one’s life. Living life is always there. It’s hard and nice to be passed by anyone who lives in the world. Here are the wise words obtained from some world leaders.

Words of Wisdom from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart was born in Australia and is the son of a renowned music educator. Mozart managed to write a large number of musical compositions, namely as many as 600. It was all achieved by him because of the motivation he had.

Mozart thought that “many people assume that high intelligence and imagination will influence one’s intelligence. But this is not justified because intelligence actually comes from love, love, and love”. There is also a wise sentence that he issued “great art can not only speak good and fluent, but stop speaking at the right time also about the equally great”.

Wise Words from Galileo Galilei

An Italian philosopher and mathematician says that “one cannot be taught to be who one wants to be. That potential is not a desire, but a thing that one has that may not be exactly the same as others. However, all he can do is explore his potential by helping him discover who he is”.

The Wise Words of Bung Tomo

Words of Wisdom

One of Indonesia’s national heroes, Bung Tomo has a high spirit of independence. His spirit influences the surrounding community. The motivation of independence from Bung Tomo such as “The desire for independence is not only spoken through oral only.

The desire for freedom must be realized through real action. As long as blood flows in the body, that’s when there’s an opportunity for freedom. As long as the blood is still flowing, as long as it has the energy not to give up realizing Indonesia’s independence which is characterized by the fluttering of the red and white”.

Wise Words from Mahatma Gandhi

This man, often known as Mahatma Gandhi, was an Indian philosopher. This wise sentence is about human attitude. Every human being must behave in accordance with the norms of society and not harm others. “Behaving honestly is a must. That honesty won’t ruin life. Honestly it’s hard to do. However, everyone can be honest in every action if it is well intentioned and get used to it. In a sense, it doesn’t mean that honesty is hard to do that can’t be done”.

Akio Morita’s Wise Words

Everyone has made a mistake whether it’s intentional, or unintentional. Although one has avoided making mistakes, it is undeniable that man is the wrong place and sin. In fact, in achieving success sometimes thirsty through mistakes first as his experience.

Regarding mistakes, Akio Morita gives a wise sentence that is “Everyone is natural to make mistakes. Do not be afraid to make mistakes because you will not dare to try. Not that mistakes are natural to be done over and over again. However, it remains to be addressed by committing not to repeat the same mistakes”.

Wise Words from Martin Luther King Jr.

Living life will be meaningful if there are things to fight for because it will be a goal in life. If you don’t have something to fight for, then life can be said to be worthless”. Responding to the wise sentence, it can be interpreted that the goal is the spirit of life. Without a goal to be fought for, the spirit of living a meaningful life will be impossible.

Words of Wisdom from Michelangelo

This Michelangelo gives a very sensible wise sentence. Previously, there has been a public assumption about the role of ideals. Michelangelo thinks that “life must have aspirations to be used as a goal of achieving success. However, that doesn’t mean that success depends on sky-high ideals.

Having an ideal that is too high, but not being able to achieve it in full it can not be said to work. Rather, it is best to have a flat goal and be able to achieve it fully and give the best results. Thus the results of the goals to be achieved will be maximal and provide satisfaction”.

The Wise Words of Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar is a motivator from the United States. This motivator has encouraged in doing an effort. According to Zig Ziglar that “the end of everything is not a matter of winning. The most important thing of all is the process of achieving victory”.

Every effort there must be win and lose. Winning is not the end of everything and being satisfied with what it achieves. Instead, he must continue to defend his victory. On the contrary, that doesn’t mean losing the end of everything. Through experience in achieving such efforts will lead to victory”.

John Gay

John Gay is an English poet and playwright. John Gay has a motivation based on the experience he picked. The wise sentence is “Man cannot depend on a certain thing for ever.

Such dependence cannot guarantee that the life will run smoothly. Depending on others can not be done continuously. On the contrary, depending on the real dependable is self-reliance”.

Wise Words from Nido Qubein

A motivator from the United States is very true of his words. What is said is true and reasonable. The motivator is Nido Qubein. For the motivator “a winner is in achieving his goals based on the standard of goals that must be achieved. Meanwhile, for a loser assumes that winning is not based on his target but based on comparisons achieved by others.

The Wise Words of Anton Chekhov

The Wise Words of Anton Chekhov
The Wise Words of Anton Chekhov

A Russian playwright named Anton Chekhov who was born in 1860 until his death in 1904 also contributed his motivation to society. The motivation is related to the surrounding life that people often forget.

Many people have extensive knowledge, but only a theory and lack in practicing it. An Anton Chekhov seems to remind through the motivation he shared that knowledge will not be meaningful if not practiced”.

The Wise Word of Jalaluddin Rumi

Attack the Persian poet named Jalaluddin Rumi has provided motivation to be applied to mankind. His motivation is very wise. The wise sentence issued is “everyone has self-potential that can be developed. So the thing to do is to look for what is inside and do not look at what is outside. Potential outside the self may not be the same as self-potential”.

Wise Words from Larry Elder

Everyone certainly wants the goal to be achieved as a whole. However, not everyone realizes that they have to have a strategy to achieve their goals. Larry Elder, a radio and television speaker from the United States, seemed to remind the public that it is not only a goal that must be had. For Larry Elder states that “Goals without optimal strategy or planning will also not result in achievability as expected. The goal without planning will only produce wishful thinking”.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Life goes on. Time is running forward, not walking backwards. The past will not be replayable. As beautiful as anything can not be played. On the contrary, no matter how bad it is, it can’t be fixed. All that can be done is to correct the ugliness of the past to make beauty and happiness in the future. According to Percy Bysshe Shelley stated that “the future need not be feared due to the crying past”.

Wise Words from Confucius

Wise Words from Confucius
Wise Words from Confucius

Confucius, a prominent Chinese philosopher, gave his wise line that “superior human beings will always be humble when speaking. A superior man will not feel himself superior, but feels that there is still something that needs to be improved to be superior. The superior man does not rely on his speech that signifies his superiority. Rather, it will act optimally to provide extraordinary things”.

Words of Wisdom from Harold Stephens

Perhaps the words “anxious” and “restless” are often interpreted the same by most people. However, for Harold Stephens it was not so. Anxiety and anxiety meant differently to him. Harold Stephens said that “people who are anxious are being confronted with a problem.

But the restless person who wishes to solve the problem immediately so that it is resolved”. Harold Stephens was an American adventurer and writer. Many of his thoughts have been captured through writing.

CS Lewis

Who is a fairy tale lover who does not know this character? Yes, CS. Lewis is the character who composed the Narnia sequel. Sometimes, through imaginative fairy tales we can be thermotifyed. Well, this wise sentence issued by CS Lewis is very useful for everyone.

Perhaps many people find it too late to achieve a goal. With the spirit of CS Lewis will change that thinking. CS Lewis has a different view on achieving a goal.

That goal can not only be done by young people. No matter how old people are, they will still have hope of achieving a goal, even if they are old. Lewis thinks that “It’s never too late to achieve goals. It’s not just young people who deserve to have dreams. However, everyone and everyone has the right to realize their dreams”.

Samuel Johnson

An opportunity for success comes from hard work. No success comes instantly. Everything goes through its optimally executed process. If you encounter any misfortune, do not blame the situation because the thing that plays a role in this is the maximum process or effort of everyone”.

Bill Cosby

According to Bill Cosby “humor is also important because it can soften the heart that is in a state of disrepair. Arousing the heart sometimes requires a softening through a joke situation. Although it is in a very painful situation, with humor can change the situation to be warmer”.

Kirsten Dunst

The Wise Words of Kirsten Dunst
The Wise Words of Kirsten Dunst

According to the american artist, Kirsten Dunst stated that “beauty comes from a confident attitude. Without confidence it’s just as torturous to yourself to be afraid of facing challenges. With confidence, everything you run will feel lighter. Besides, being comfortable in thinking and making decisions is also the secret of beauty”. His motivation is enshrined in a thought-in-the-writing.

This article has presented the words of wisdom that these characters have written. The wise sentence comes from the severe thinking of the person who has written. May it be useful and affected to always live the spirit of living black and white this life.

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