3 Things To Live A Good Life

Things To Live A Good Life Performance

In living our days, we must be preoccupied with endless activities and routines. From morning to evening. In living a daily routine it requires a healthy body, a strong soul and high productivity. That’s all we get from that performance. Of course, we sometimes have a lot of obstacles to keep the performance above, such as pain, fatigue, and lack of our skills or abilities, and much more. It’s very difficult to maintain and restore performance.

But here, it will be discussed how to keep a good living performance awake to live a daily routine and activities with passion, always fit body, and a fresh soul again.

1. Food and Beverage.

Food and drink are not just a source of energy for our body. They also play a role in giving the body good health and performance, if we know it. For that we must pay attention:

  • Types of food and drink. This type of food and drink greatly affects the health and nutritional intake of our body. We should eat enough food and drink. Don’t eat too much food and drink instantly. In addition to nutrient intake that is far from sufficient, it also contains many harmful toxins in chemicals and preservatives. It will have an impact on the body that is easily sick if there are too many toxins in the body, and slowly degrades our performance.
  • Time to eat and drink. We should also be able to manage our meal times. Don’t wait for the scheduled meal time, even though we’re hungry. The point for mealtime is simple. If you’re hungry to eat! That’s it. Because food and drink is a source of energy to live life with maximum performance.

2. Sleep.

Sleep is also a huge influence. Because our bodies and minds need sleep for a short break. The thing we need to pay attention to in sleep is

  • Sleep Quality. If we sleep, despite the length of sleep but not good sleep it will cause various health problems. Not only the origin of sleep, we should also pay attention to the quality of sleep. It doesn’t matter that our sleep is only 6 hours per day which is important and that is enough to restore our energy in living our lives.
  • Sleep Quantity. Conversely, if we sleep less than 6 hours a day, then our body will be affected. We need a minimum sleep of 5 hours. If less, then the impact of our body is easily tired and drowsy, long term will be prone to disease. So, not only pay attention to the quality of good and good sleep, also the quantity of sleep that is more than 5 hours a day for good performance.

3. Sports.

Sport is the third important factor. This factor keeps the body healthy and fit. If you don’t have time to do this in a day- to day, then you will experience a decline in health and fitness.

Take 30 minutes of exercise a day, or maybe 10 minutes of your free time in a day. If you don’t have any free time at all, then simply intersing with the various activities that make our whole body move and sweat out. That’s it, then the body is healthy and still fit. Live performance will always be maintained at its peak.

Things To Live A Good Life Performance

These are three factors that must be maintained to obtain and maintain a good performance. That way, you’ll stay fit, and your productivity in living life won’t go down. You are free to go through a daily routine with few constraints, not even one.

Thank you for reading, and good luck.

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