5 Animals Believed to Be The Bearers of Their Keeping Luck

Animals Are Believed to Be The Bearers of Their Keeping Fortune

So many people in the world with a variety of different hobbies. There are sports hobbies, traveling hobbies, hobbies in the arts, hobby of playing games, and others. This includes one of the hobbies of keeping animals. There are many people who like the hobby of keeping animals.

There are so many benefits that we will get for keeping animals. Such as relieving stress, filling free time, making money and possibly bringing good luck. Some people believe that there are some animals believed to be lucky bearers. There are actually many, but I will mention some of those who are often nurtured in order for the caretaker to always be endowed with a lot of luck.

1. Cats

Animals Are Believed to Be The Bearers of Their Keeping Fortune

Cats are one of the animals believed to be the bearers of good luck. For people in China and Japan, cats are believed to provide a lot of sustenance. No wonder there are so many cat-shaped statues sitting upright with one hand holding a written board or a bag of money and the other a nod – a nod. This cat statue is usually placed near the entrance of a house or shop, a wartel, a restaurant, or a place that we often visit. In addition to being a carrier of sustenance, it also brings guests that we wait for or good. And also as a painkiller durable healthy.

In addition, keeping a cat will also help us relieve stress. There is a study proving that by stroking soft cat hair can make us comfortable and relieve stress.

2. Arowana Fish

Arowana fish have a distinctive shape and physical characteristics. With a longer lower muzzle and bending upwards, it is characteristic of Arowana fish. This fish has several colors, including red, pink, purple, and others. Arowana fish include predatory animals that eat meat, such as small fish, crickets, and others.

Lucky Bearer Animals

Arowana fish are believed to bring good luck. There are so many people who keep this fish. Because it is believed to bring a lot of good luck and great. That is why the price of this fish is so expensive, even breaking through the figure of hundreds of millions of rupiah. At such a high price, it can also indicate a person’s social status. Because people who have more treasures who usually keep this Arowana fish.

3. Louhan Fish

Louhan fish also have a distinctive physical characteristic of the body. That is a forehead that is so large and prominent. And the black color pattern on both sides of his body, which is called Han.

Animals Are Believed to Be The Bearers of Their Keeping Fortune

Louhan fish is one of the fish whose selling value is very high. The more prominent his forehead is, and the clearer the pattern of Han writing next to his body, the greater the luck we will get. The selling value is also higher. Can penetrate hundreds of millions of rupiah.

4. Koi Fish

Koi fish are often likened to goldfish. Although it is a close relative, but actually different. Koi fish is a type of Carp Cyprinus Carpio that is often kept because it brings good luck. Koi fish are white base, with a mixture of other colors such as yellow, red, orange, to black.

Koi fish are so easy to breed. The more Koi fish, the more luck we get. That’s why so many people keep so many Koi fish in a sizable pond.

Koi animals Bear The Good Fortune of Their Keepers

Koi fish are also worth selling handsomely. The price penetrates hundreds of millions of rupiah, depending on the better the mix of other colors and white colors that form a unique pattern.

5. Gecko

If during Maghrib or nightfall, there is a sound of “Tok… kekk…” or “Bend… kek..”, then none other than the sound comes from gecko animals. Gecko is similar to cicak, because it is one family. The difference is, the size of the gecko is so big than the lizard. And it has a different and unique color tone. And the skin is so rough, hard and thick.

Geckos are also one of them because of the bearer of good luck. In addition, if gecko sounds distinctive many times, it signifies the presence of a subtle creature around it.

Hockey Carrier Animals

So many animals are believed to be lucky bearers, which are often kept in the world, especially our Indonesia. How, what is not interested in keeping animals – lucky-carrying animals so that we are always given a lot of luck in daily life?

So, thank you for reading, and hopefully useful.

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