5 Memorable Valentine’s Event Ideas

Memorable Valentine's Event Ideas

Event Valentine sudah dekat. Pasti banyak sekali EO yang tengah bersiap membuat event romantis untuk pasangan kekasih. Bagaimana dengan EO yang menghandle produk atau brand yang audiens utamanya bukan muda-mudi? Bukan sepasang kekasih? Atau tidak identik dengan percintaan? Mungkin bisa coba beberapa ide berikut:

Valentine's Event Ideas

Family Events

This is probably the second easiest audience after a young couple, because family and love are still very much identical. On-spot events such as shared photos, outbound, art and craft or family cooking competitions, family member guessing competitions and more, can be an option. For the competition can be held a love letter competition from children to parents, or even vice versa. It can also be adapted into a love poem.

Animal Parade

Pets can also be ‘involved’ in valentine’s events. Create a parade of dressed pets with attributes similar to their employers, a photo competition of affection between the owner and his pet. Or held a paired pet contest. It must be fun and attract the attention of visitors.

Vehicle Event

For EO who hold car products or other motor vehicles, valentine event may not be the event that is awaited. But, in addition to holding standard promos such as discounts or bonuses, it can also be made a typical and unique event. Like sticker find your match. In one region, car owners can take stickers at their dealership, later in a period, during February for example, car owners who can find another car with the same sticker code, are entitled to a certain reward. Or it could be a car interior and exterior race with a love theme.


Love quote competition from favorite book, or just guess quote race. Or for events that are larger in scale, can make short story competition or chiclit or even love novels. The most interesting and not clichéd writing is the winner, and the work will be published as a book. It must be fun!


This is probably the audience most easily associated with Valentine’s, right? Not always, there are also brands or companies that consider Valentine’s-style love less productive for teenagers. Then what kind of race is believed to have a more positive impact? Invite them to create scientific-based works but still valentine-themed. Like creating a love forecast app for a smartphone. Create social projects for street children. Create innovative objects that help with long-distance communication for couples living apart.

Let’s take advantage of Valentine’s events, whoever your audience is.

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