7 Ornamental Leaf Plants That This Year Many Digandrungi

Ornamental Plant leaves

Decorating or decorating the house can not only be done by adding furniture or displays only. Plants can also be one of the items that can be chosen to decorate the room. The trend of decorating the room with plants this year makes some types of leaf ornamental plants become popular. Because of its popularity is what makes the price is now skyrocketing due to high market demand. Here are some types of ornamental plants that have recently been hunted by the community.

Aglonema, Ornamental Leaf Plants With Various Interesting Colors

Aglonema Ornamental Plant

In Indonesia, this type of plant has the nickname Sri Rejeki, which means a carrier of sustenance for its owner. Aglonema is also known by another name Chinese Evergreen. Because it is very beautiful, this plant can be one of the complementary decorations in the house. Aglonema has cirri pinnate leaves with a wide selection of varieties. In addition, aglonema also has several colors such as, grayish green, red tinge, white to silver tinge. The treatment is also not difficult, so it can be an option for those of you who are just starting gardening.

Sansiviera, Ornamental Plant Leaves Indoor Air Filter

Ornamental Plants Sansiviera
Ornamental Plants Sansiviera Leaves

Familiarly also called tongue-in-law, this plant is also easy to care for. Sansiviera also has several types and color options. With its pointed leaves, this plant can beautify while providing clean air in the room. Tongue-in-law is claimed to be able to clean the air from pollution, and the price is quite affordable.

Monstera, Must Be One Of The Collections At Home

Monstera Ornamental Plant
Ornamental Plant Leaves Monstera

Has a unique leaf shape and easily combined with the decoration of the room, making this one plant many fans. This plant is also often known by the name of janda bolong, varieties are also diverse. One of its rare varieties is Monstera Andansonii Variegata due to natural genetic mutations.

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This rare species is leafy green and yellow in one plant. The price can also reach tens of millions, but for widows bolong ordinary varieties are quite affordable.

Hoya, Its Attractive And Beautiful Shape

Ornamental Plants Hoya
Ornamental Plants Hoya

This next leaf ornamental plant has a unique shape, because the leaves are like coated with wax so it looks like a fake plant. Besides being beautiful, this vine also has fragrant flowers and can also be used as a deodorizer.

Alocasia, An Interesting Vine

Ornamental Plants Alocasia
Ornamental Plants Alocasia

Usually this one plant used to grow wild in the forest. What makes it much hunted by indoor plant lovers is its beautiful leaf shape. At first glance Alocasia has leaves similar to caladium. This is because they are still a family. With its firm leaf veins and exotic root shape makes it look more beautiful.

Opuntia Monacantha Variegata, An Easy-to-Care Cactus Family

Ornamental Plant Opuntia Monacantha Variegata
Ornamental Plant Leaves Opuntia Monacantha Variegata

Another name of this plant is Succulent Rainbow and still a family with cacti. Just like other cactus plants, this rainbow succulent is very easy to maintain and does not need to be watered too often. This succulent looks beautiful because its newly grown buds are pink.

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Philodendron Micans, Interesting Vines

Ornamental Plants Philodendron Micans
Philodendron Micans

This one is a vine type leaf ornamental plant and has a green leaf maroon combination color. Its elongated shape makes it beautiful to hang indoors. Philodendron is one of the plants with many species. Because of its attractive shape and color is what makes plant lovers interested. Those are some plants that can be used as room decoration at once to beautify the home décor. You already have one of them?

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