7 Recommendations for Anti-Bored Game Board During PSBB

7 Board Game Recommendations For Family Time During Pandemic

Board games are so familiar from adults to children also know this type of game before online games rampant in the digital age. Especially when PSBB like this, surely many people feel bored and can get tired in the eyes if they continue to play online games. So, what does this game look like here’s how it’s played. Here’s a full review.

The game board is characteristic and usually exists in the middle of the table when going to play. A special game board is part of such a design complete with coins, dice, pawns, cards with various rules of each type.

Board games have long been famous since hundreds of years ago. Although this game is ancient, but still survives until now. Even some types of board games reach a high level of popularity. Here are 6 types of board games that you can play.

Board Game Monopoly

Monopoly, one of the popular types and often adults until children play. The monopoly rule of play is to control all plots at the top of the board through purchase, rental and property exchange transactions.

The way to play monopoly board games starts with the throwing of the dice by each player in turn. You need to do this in order to move each biduk or pawn.

There is something interesting in the board game monopoly game, namely if a player stops at a plot that no other player has. This is where players can buy a plot according to the price stated.

However, when a player stops at a plot that another player already has. He is obliged to pay a fine according to the amount on the property card. The game will end when all players run out of money and one of the players has the most wealth



Board game scrabble game, which is a wording that is two to four words. Another thing players do if they want to win, is to collect as many points as possible. You can get points from existing word values such as letter pieces at the top of the box board.

Each player simply grabs 7 random pieces of letters from inside the bag. The 7 pieces of letters must be arranged into a word both horizontally and vertically. The word created must not be original so it must match the default word in the language dictionary.


Bacgammon, called the tuaest game that still survives to this day. Originally the game originated in Iraq in 3000 BC then as time went on to expand into Europe and east Asia. In the 19th century the game flourished in England as Backgammon.

How to play board game Bacgammon easily requires only 2 people, each player is given seeds and then arranged on a board on a triangular pole. The player will be declared the winner if able to place the seeds outside the game board

Snakes and Ladders

Board game snakes and ladders, one of the ancient games that still survives to this day. Originally the game was called Moskhapat or Moksha Patamu which at that time was created for moral learning for children.

The device of the game snakes and ladders has its own symbol, one of which is a ladder symbolizing virtue. While the snake is described as ugliness and no less interesting the boxes in the snakes of stairs have the number one-hundred.

There are unique boxes in snakes and ladders connected by ladders and snakes. How to play snakes and ladders is easy, that is, players simply throw the dice. Players in this case can move according to the numbers coming out of the dice.

If the player stops at the box containing the stairs, then the player can go up to the top. If it stops at the box containing the snake the player goes down to the box at the bottom according to the length of the ladder as well as the snake. The game is over when a player reaches the 100th box.

Chess Board Game

Chess Board Game
Chess Board Game

Chess game in the world of board games one of the most popular games in the world. Chess first appeared in India in the 6th century BC, originally known as chaturanga or chess.

How to play a chess board game using a square board divided into 64 squares and 32 pawns. Each player has 16 points with various forms that attract him again the points consist of one king, one minister, two fortresses, two horses, two elephants, two and 8 soldiers.

Board game of chess begins with a raffle. The player gets white starting the game first which continues to the player in black. The game is over when the movement of one of the king’s ions is stopped. The player who successfully eats the king is declared the winner


How to play with hand management mechanics is a characteristic of octet board game games that are no less exciting than other board games. The way to play octet is easy for players in this case should collect 1 set of cards that have the same number and color to earn points and become the winner.

There is something interesting in the octet game, which is 16 points players holding wild cards. If the player does not win the penalty according to the player’s agreement at the beginning of the game

Board Game Saboteur

Board Game Saboteur
Board Game Saboteur

A game that dwarves as a gold miner and soboteur plays. Soboteur game consists of 3-10 people with the duration of this 30-minute game.

The game is interesting with the dwarf’s big ambitions looking for gold, but it is always hindered by a player named soboteur to thwart the gold miners. Those are 7 board game recommendations that you can make an alternative when playing games in the middle of PSBB.

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