8 Reasons why Family Time Matters

Family Time

In today’s digital era, it doesn’t always have a positive impact in many areas. For example about family. The age of sophistication as it is now can reduce the interaction or closeness between family members. Well, to avoid this, you need to be aware of the importance of family time.

Not a few families are negatively affected by the modernization world. Examples include a lack of closeness between family members. Certainly, this can have a negative impact and can go into a dangerous category if left for a long period of time.

This was revealed by an American writer, Gary Demonte Chapman. He revealed in one of the most important languages in family life is time. This Gary revealed in one of his series titled “5 Languages of Love”.

Keeping a family relationship together and getting along requires effort that is not easy. It’s not just about setting aside time to communicate with each other, but more than that. Such as doing activities with the whole family is the key to family success that get along well.

In a family, setting aside a little time to talk to each other in the midst of a crowded activity is not easy. However, family time or so-called “Family Time” is a mandatory and routine habit.

A psychologist from the University of Indonesia, Vera Itabiliana Hadiwidjojo expressed her views on family time. He expressed his opinion at the launch event “I Klop U”. He said that family time is spent with family members.

At this time, all family members are compactly doing an interactive activity that is fun and gives a special impression. Therefore, family time is the main key to the creation of a well-together family. Here are 8 reasons for the importance of family time. Let’s take a look!

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Family Time
Family Time

1. Increase Family Happy Rate

The first reason is that family time can lead to increased happiness. This level of happiness is felt by every family member, especially the child. They will at least feel a genuine affection from the parents. This is very important to support the growth and development of the child.

There are so many forms of family time that we can do. For example, it’s like eating together, having a picnic, and playing together. It doesn’t have to be done all the time. At least take at least once a week to get together with the family. As a result, positive things always overshadow the relationship between family members.

2. Create Strong Bonds Between Family Members

The next reason why family time is so important is because we can strengthen the relationship between family members. This family time can make our lives happier.

In addition, the fact reveals that it turns out that family is the first place we will go when it is problematic. So it is no wonder that the good bond between family members is very important.

3. This Is the Importance of Family Time, Parental Attention to Children Is Very Felt

Family time is one form of parental attention to their child. On the other hand, children will also have a mindset that the moment of family time as a form of attention and a form of affection of their parents.

Especially if both of their parents have a busy day at work. Therefore, setting aside time for the family will definitely have a positive impact on the child. The attention given during family time will be the fondest memories because the quality of the interaction that occurs is quite good.

4. Teach Life Lessons to Children

Parenting doesn’t just feed and drink. However, giving life lessons to the child is one of the obligations. If parents don’t teach their children about this, maybe they’ll learn somewhere else that’s not necessarily true.

This is one parent’s job, not someone else’s. That is to have the duty to lead the child to the right path. In addition, parents must also give life lessons to the child so that they do not go the wrong way.

5. Relieve Stress and Stress

Jokes and laughter are a sure thing to happen when we do family time. It is very beneficial for every family member. Especially if they have a lot of pressure in other environments. For example, in a work or school environment.

For parents, being able to see a child’s jokes and laughter will certainly cause a happiness of its own in life. Jokes and laughter that occur during family time will also have a very different “taste” than when going through daily activities.

6. The Right Time to Tell Each Other Stories

Every family member must have an interesting story or story while going through their daily activities. It could be about family, school, work, or the outside world.

Well, this is where family time is important because it can be a place for family members to share their stories with each other. Whether it’s positive or negative. Family time is a great time to do that. This can make us learn to be more open to other family members.

7. Learn to Accept Differences

It’s important for us to have respect, encourage, and respect the difference between family members. We certainly know that everyone is special in their own way.

Let family members be passionate about their personal interests. In addition, we must show a sense of tolerance to them. This can be done by not forcing other family members to be like ourselves. Let them be proud to be their true s who.

8. The Importance of Family Time To Know The Changes That Occur in Children

Regular family time, at least once a week. This certainly has a positive impact. It is at this time that parents can notice what changes are happening to our child.

It is a common secret that children who are going to or are in puberty usually have many secrets of their own. If parents feel there is a change in the negative direction, then we should be able to prevent it as early as possible. As a result, parents will not be surprised by the changes that have occurred to them.

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