9 Steps to Ending Toxic Relationship

toxic relationship

As human beings, it doesn’t make any mistake if we can love someone. Even if the relationship lasts quite intensely. However, there are many couples who are stuck in unhealthy relationships or toxic relationship.

We need to understand healthy relationships, namely supportive relationships, nurturing each other, give and give. This healthy relationship is full of compassion, security, mutual love and caring. In fact, we can have a healthy discussion with each other with a partner. We are also in a very mature relationship and can respect different opinions.

While toxic relationship is the opposite of all the characteristics of healthy relationships above. In toxic relationships, we are surrounded by fear, threatened, uncomfortable, even feeling manipulated. We will feel so tired that we feel that we are not now ourselves. At worst, toxic relationships can be characterized by physical and psychic violence.

To be detached from toxic relationships is certainly not easy. We have to start with ourselves. After that, we still have to fight with the negative feelings left over from the toxic relationship.

1. Identify Your Relationship

All positive relationships have good benefits for yourself and your partner. Even in healthy relationships, bickering and dissent are commonplace. Origin is accompanied by rational feelings so as not to put forward selfishness.

If you feel there’s a strong feeling in your relationship, try reflecting on your relationship all this time. Do you feel good? Have you been nervous about your relationship lately? Is the doi often rude to you? Or is your life going to be hard after him?

Ask your partner if he feels the same way. If your partner doesn’t want to understand and it’s hard to discuss, then it could be that your relationship has been plunged into a toxic relationship.

2. Exit the Toxic Zone

Your energy will be drained if you still convince yourself that your relationship is okay. Try asking yourself: am I excited or tired after spending time with him? Does every time I fight, and want to get out of the zone, I feel sorry for him even if he’s wrong? If you feel unfettered by it, try stepping slowly to get out of your circle of relationships.

3. Surround Yourself with Friends Who Always Support You

Find the right friends and friends. Tell your family you trust to tell you about the toxic relationship you’re having right now. They can be a good stepping stone. In addition, they also provide social and emotional support. Remember, choose a talking buddy who can actually hear you. A lot of friends don’t mean you can entrust them to all your friends.

4. Stop Waiting for it to Change

Don’t think you can change your partner. Self-change starts with yourself. You can help him if he needs help. But when in fact he doesn’t need help, and on his own, it can be poison for you. They might just promise to change for the better. Unfortunately, the talk became pointless when he didn’t mean to change.

5. Cut Communication

In the case of toxic relationships disconnecting communication does not mean breaking the cord, it is. In order to cure your psychic, you need to disconnect communication with your toxicex. You need time for yourself to make peace. After some time, you can keep your communication smooth with doi, kok.

6. Fill Bad Feelings With Positive Activities

If you’ve realized your relationship is in a toxic relationship,try to get away from it. One way is to fill in the positive activities that you can forget about. Fill your days with the hobbies you live in. Do meditation to calm the mind and waste negative energy. You can start writing a diary with the positive activities you do all day. Having a pet also makes your feelings even better. Avoid contacting him again.

7. Perform a Digital Detox

You also don’t have to hesitate to block or unfollow doi social media. Sometimes we are often afraid of people’s assumptions. We’re going to be considered unfriendly because of that. If anyone thinks so, then give an understanding of why you are doing this. Another option is that you can mute their contacts or social media.

8. Take Time to Rest

Set your time to rest. According to Ready to Heal: Women Facing Love, Sex, and Addiction Relationship,Kelly McDaniel advises people who have recently escaped toxic relationships to refuel by resting. The energy needed to withdraw from a toxic relationship turns out to be the equivalent of working full-time. Rest at home to sleep, read books, drink coffee, or meditate.

9. Commitment to Your Choices

Firm on your choice to move on. When you’ve ended your toxic relationship,it means you promise yourself to keep moving forward. While healing yourself, you can do the activities suggested above. Try celebrating by saying that you love yourself more than doi.

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