5 Habits That Make You Unproductive, Avoid These During Ramadan

5 Habits That Make You Unproductive, Avoid These During Ramadan

Hello guys, during Ramadan never feel worried about being lazy or unproductive? Usually in addition to being triggered by physical factors that are holding hunger and thirst, it can also be triggered by our environment and daily activities.

Well especially for those of you who often feel more lazy and produce nothing, never do the following things. Avoid it during Ramadan guys! Anything? Let’s check it out.

During Ramadan, don’t waste time surfing social media.

Have you ever calculated how long you spend surfing in cyberspace? Is there up to eight hours? Six hours? Four hours? Or less than two hours? During the pandemic online activity alone increased. This means that our time to network on social media becomes more intense.

But unfortunately during Ramadan this makes you more lazy. If you’re just on screen without producing anything meaningful, that’s a sign you’re not productive. Well as much as possible if you are not interested in online, it is better to enjoy your time at home with family.

Or you can also do other activities without a screen. Can return to pursue hobbies, up to reading books or even studying. The point is if you want to be productive,focus on the results of what you want to achieve.

Not having a to do list can make you unproductive.

The second reason you’re unproductive is because you don’t have a daily to-do list. It obviously makes you feel like you’re directionless. Like flowing water, you will only go with the current of water. This means that in everyday life you tend to only improvise activities, without meaningful planning.

Actually, the improvisation is not entirely wrong. But what you need to pay attention to is, “Do you know what you’re going to do?” If you say no, you need a daily plan.

There is nothing to lose in preparing a daily plan. Even with the to do list your days will be more helped. Let’s start making a daily plan. If you are lazy to write, you can use the application to do list that you can access at any time through your phone or laptop.

I don’t have a routine.

During this pandemic, you usually do what is this activity? It’s impossible if you’re not looking for a busy house, right? But if your activities are indeed uncertain, it is not a problem.

But you better have a routine, which is an activity that you do every day without being missed. Routine doesn’t have to be a strenuous activity. Quite a light activity, such as reading two pages of books every day can already be called a routine you know!

Routine is something you do every day. This routine can be a habit if it has a positive impact on you, not just doing yes.

Well in this Ramadan period you should have a routine, whether it’s cooking to break the fast, or planning a certain program during this month. Let’s plan what becomes your routine.

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Poor sleep habits

Are you still having trouble sleeping? Or because of your busyness, your sleep becomes less quality? This turns out to be one of the reasons you’re not productive.

The story is this, when your sleep is not quality, you will tend to be sleepy when you have to do certain activities. As a result, these activities tend not to be done because of drowsiness.

Well finally you prefer to sleep that is not at rest hours when there is still work that you have to finish. Until the evening the work is not finished, you will feel sorry. Relax, this can be fixed as long as you don’t repeat it again.

Trying multitasking

Multitasking is good or bad, right? The answer depends on the situation and condition and personality of a person. Those who are not used to multitasking will certainly be very difficult if asked to do several tasks at the same time.

Conversely, those who do have multitasking skills, they tend to enjoy doing work. So, multitasking is tailored to your personality only.

If it feels multitasking and many activities at one time make you not get any results, try to do it one-on-one. Focus on the details and results of the work. That way, you’ll feel more productive.

Well that’s a number of things that you must avoid so that you do not become lazy adn unproductive during Ramadan. If your version is what are the tips? You can write it in the comments!

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