To Be More Durable, These 5 Kitchen Tools Should Not Be Washed With Baking Soda

To Be More Durable, These 5 Kitchen Tools Should Not Be Washed With Baking Soda

Baking soda is known as one of the most powerful cleansers for removing stains. In addition to being used in the manufacture of food, bakin soda is also often used to clean equipment. The compounds contained in it are believed to be powerful to remove stubborn stains on the surface of objects.

But it turns out that some objects made from certain materials will actually be damaged quickly when cleaned with bakin soda. Especially if mixed with several other ingredients, baking soda will clean stains faster and stronger. This reaction is feared to erode the layers of certain materials and make it fragile and easily damaged. Here are 5 kitchen utensils that should not be cleaned with baking soda.

Glass Container

Although it can knock out dirt quickly, but this one material is not good enough to maintain the quality of cleanliness of equipment made of glass. Because it will cause fine scratches that make the glass surface on kitchen utensils is no longer smooth and easily damaged because it erodes.

Aluminum Pans or Pans

Aluminum can keep heat and not make food sticky on it. No wonder that this material is often chosen to be the basic ingredient of making cookware. Cleaning it with baking soda is actually not prohibited, but be sure to rinse it until it is completely clean and there is no remaining baking soda left. Because if not cleaned properly, aluminum will oxidize so that the color will turn brown.

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Marble Table

Marble is also a common material to be used as a kitchen table. But there are still many who do not know how to clean a marble table. The active compounds in baking soda are considered to damage the marble layer and make it scratched so that it will be easily brittle and damaged if done in the long run.

Wooden equipment

Many kitchen utensils are made of wood, such as sutil, cutting boards, spoons and containers. But to clean it does not require baking soda because it will damage the connecting part. This cleaning material is considered to damage the density on the surface of the wood so that it will make the wood weather faster.


There are many things in the kitchen made of ceramics. Just like marble and glass, ceramics are also better not cleaned with baking soda. This cleaning material will make kitchen utensils made of ceramics become shaken and make it no longer smooth.

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