Anggora Cat, a Cat Breed Often Likened to Persian

anggora cat

Of course we know that cats often become pets. There are various types of cats that can be kept, one of which is anggora cat. Please note that these cats are often likened to Persian cats because they both have soft, long and thick fur.

However, the two cats are very different whether it is their origin, body shape, personality to characteristics. So that you can recognize the breed of anggora cats easily, let’s take a good look at the reviews below!


It is one of the oldest natural domestic cat breeds in the world. The name anggora is taken from the city of Ankara, Turkey as the origin of this cat. Therefore, this cat is also known by the name of ankara cat. This cat is arguably the first type of long-haired cat in Europe.

Regarding the origin of the formation, anggora is a breed of cat that is not known where it came from. However, some theories say that anggora comes from the breed of pallas cats. This theory is doubtful because the nature of pallas cats differs considerably from anggora.

Another theory suggests that anggora originated from an African feral cat domesticated by the Tatars. The descendants of the African feral cats were then brought by Egyptian merchants to Turkey in ancient Egypt. From the offspring of cats, anggora breeds through natural selection and blood mating in closed mountainous areas.

In the past, this cat was often used as a gift or souvenir for invaders or turkish visitors. Its increasingly popular existence makes the original anggora race increasingly rare and difficult to obtain. Therefore, the Turks established an Ankara Zoo to save the cat population from extinction. Until now, its popularity is growing and has spread throughout the world including Indonesia.

Characteristics of anggora cats

It is often likened to a Persian cat because it is equally long and thick. However, the two cats are very different. Anggora cats have medium-sized features with a muscular, slim, and slim body. In addition, another feature of this cat is the shape of the cat’s head is triangular, long ears, wide and triangular shape.

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For the shape of the nose itself is more mancung than the average cat with a snub nose. The size of the legs is long and tall and the shape of the tail is long and fluffy. A distinctive feature of anggora cats that distinguishes it from other cats including Persian cats is its fur that grows elongated on the neck.

Color type

Types of colors of anggora cats

All types of colors in anggora cats have been recognized by LOOF (Livre Officie; des Origines Felines) and also FIFe, except purple, cinnamon, dot color, brown, sepia, and mink. Color types include white anggora with yellow eyes, black and silver spotted tabi color, smoked black turtle shell color, blue smoke color, black, black and white torbi color, brown spot tabi color, and blue and white beige torbi color.

For standard anggora has a plain color such as white color. The white anggora was first recognized by the CFA (Cat Fanciers Assotiation) in 1968. With the recognition of the white anggora, the association organized an annual contest that began in 1970. In 1993, the FIFe had recognized this white anggora. Since then, white Anggora has been recognized by many organizations.

Anggora cats have eye colors as diverse as blue, golden yellow, green, to several other colors. Of all the types available, anggora is most preferred because of its uniqueness is white anggora with the characteristic odd color of its eyes.

Nature of Cats

Anggora is a type of cat that is active, noisy, playful and submissive. Not only that, this cat loves interactions with others and includes smart cats. These cats are easy to train, adaptable and friendly with their owners.

If left alone or locked up, then this cat will be sad. Anggora will be angry if it is held for too long at a time. Usually these cats like high places in the house to ride such as chairs, bookshelves to cabinets.

Care of anggora cats

Anggora cats are a type of cat that likes cleanliness. They must be routinely bathed and cleaned in their cages to avoid disease. To keep the fur soft and maintained, it should also be given extra care such as combing the fur every day.

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Well that’s the review of the cat anggora. Do you think you’re interested in keeping it?

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