Anti Boredom, Here Are the Benefits of Drawing When Me Time

Anti Boredom, Here Are the Benefits of Drawing When Me Time

Drawing is generally only liked by children, but it does not close the possibility if teenagers and adults like it. Moreover, now there are many types and variations of sketches that make people who are not children like this art activity.

Drawing can be done to fill your free time, and you can use it as a medium to express feelings.

But over time with the rapid development of technology, not a few children and teenagers and adults who are more interested in playing online games or online on social media and consider that drawing is a boring activity and has no benefit.

The Unexpected Benefits of Drawing

But in fact, this eye-catching activity turns out to have many unexpected benefits. Here are the benefits of drawing:

The first is to make you an expressive person. Drawing can be a medium for expressing feelings. According to Katherine Klipper Merseth, a sketch is worth more than a thousand words. Through sketches, we can express his thoughts and feelings implicitly.

Second, thisk egiatan can increase the power of imagination. When drawing, we tend to use its imaginary power to draw what we want. If done continuously, then drawing can increase the power of imagination.

Third, this activity can help hone creativity. According to KBBI, creative is defined as having the ability to create. In that case, thisegiatan can make us able to think to create something new.

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Build skills to solve problems. When there is a mistake during the drawing process, then indirectly we are required to think to correct the mistakes that occur. It can train a person’s ability to think skillfully to solve a problem.

Drawing Makes You Creative

Drawing Makes You Creative
Drawing Makes You Creative

Thinking out of the box. Because of the freedom of imagination when drawing, one may have a different way of thinking than usual or so-called out of the box thoughts.

For example, when we grade colors and create shape variations to be different from other people’s work on the results.

With thoughts that are out of the box, then it does not close the possibility if we can think and have a variety of solutions to solve the problems that occur.

Think regularly. When thinking about the object and color plan of the image to be drawn and the techniques to realize the painting that is in mind, it can be said that this kegiatan can train a person to think regularly.

Earn money. Usually you use this activity as an activity to drive out boredom or fill your free time. But if you persevere more seriously, then this activity can be a source of income. For example, if you paint wall murals for the interior and exterior of the room.

We can open businesses related to drawing, for example opening drawing courses, creating youtube channels that contain various tutorials onthis activity, opening drawing services (commission),illustrator, comics, animators, or graphic designers.

In addition to being a means of channeling hobbies, this activity also has many benefits in terms of health. Since the 1900s, this activity has become one of the simplest means of art therapy.

Art Therapy When Me Time

Art Therapy When Me Time
Art Therapy When Me Time

According to Casey O’Brien Martin, an art therapist and licensed health counselor, the process of creating art often helps people feel at ease. This indicates that, this activity can relieve stress and make us become more relaxed.

In addition to increasing concentration and increasing sensitivity, art therapy also has various other benefits, namely:

1. Helps Reduce Stress

By creating the shape and color that you want when drawing, then gradually the stress that we experience will be reduced because our mind has been distracted for a moment to imagine the object that we want to draw.

2. Feel Happier

When creating a work of art then we will feel proud of ourselves and begin to feel happy.

3. Reduce Anxiety

This activity can reduce the stress that causes anxiety. Our minds are distracted as we focus our minds on sketch objects. It can indirectly make the feelings of anxiety that we are experiencing will be less.

4. Can Release Hidden Emotions

Drawing can help us to release perceived emotions that cannot or are difficult to explain verbally, such as anger, hate, frustration, and a wide variety of other emotions.

5. Improve Fine Motor Skills

This activity is able to improve fine motor skills. This is because when drawing, the eyes and hands work together and you practice their dexterity.

6. Relieve and Restore Physical Pain

The American Cancer Society considers that art therapy you can use as an alternative treatment that can help the recovery of serious diseases and behavioral problems.

Studies have found that patients who take part in art therapy sessions typically have lower levels of stress.

We often assume that when drawing, we have to create a good or unsightly sketch or draw can only be done by a talented person. But the truth is, it’s not. There’s nothing wrong or bad about art.

Casey O’Brien Martin says that everyone can benefit from art! You don’t have to worry about the end result. Allow yourself to be involved in the creation process.

Drawing Art Therapy Techniques

Drawing Art Therapy Techniques
Drawing Art Therapy Techniques

There is nothing wrong or true in art, but we can use some art therapy techniques that we can try to express feelings, namely Doodling or doodling

This activity can be done either manually using paper and pencil media and eraser as a tool, or online using gadgets, computers, or ipads. The technique is the same, we can cross off at will as a form of emotional release that we feel so that we can feel more relaxed.

Sketching can also be done both manually and digitally. Unlike doodling which is an abstract scribble, drawing and sketching seems to have a neater shape.

If for example in doodling the scribbles they produce are less obvious, then at the time of drawing or sketching, the sketches you create are clearer. For example, to vent our emotions, we can draw someone who is crying, a flower garden, or something else that describes how we felt at the time.

Coloring. Coloring also has the same positive impact as drawing that can reduce stress. The variety of colors you choose can make us feel calmer.

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