Asmaul Husna and Its Meanings, Complete with Calligraphy

asmaul husna and calligraphy

Asmaul husna as affirmed in his words: “And Allah has good names (great, noble) so call to Him by mentioning those names, and leave those who turn away from the truth in using His names. They will be recompensed for what they did.” (Surah Al-A’raf, verse 180).

Say, “Call on ALLAH, or call on AR-RAHMAN. With any name you’re fun with. He has al asmaul husna (the best names) “He is ALLAH, there is no God but He, He has al-asmaul-husna (good names)”- (Surah Thaha:8).

Asmaul husna according to its grammatical meaning consists of the word Asma which has the meaning of a name and husna that has a good meaning, great, noble or beautiful. When combined, Asma’ul Husna contains the understanding of the names of Allah S.W.T which are charged with beauty and goodness.

Based on the word of Allah SWT in Surah Al-A’raf, verse 180 then Asmaul husna became an interesting theme to enrich the quality of human worship to the khaliq. There are various meanings that are so profound that can be obtained by studying, studying, permeating the meaning of each of the Asmaul husna.

Addressing Asmaul husna turns out to give birth to differences of opinion related to its meaning, meaning, and interpretation. In addition to the differences in terms of interpreting and interpreting the names, there are also differences in the number of names of Asmaul husna, there are opinions that say 99, 100, 200, even 1,000 names. Each opinion certainly has its basis, and it does not need to be further disputed.

The scholars, scholars and the present have made Asmaul husna as a source of inspiration and innovation in developing the application of Islamic teachings in the form of worship. By conducting a review and discussion of the interpretation of the names is expected to find the more clear address of Dzat that should be for the final purpose of all worship.

All syllables addressed to Allah SWT must be understood makana, its meaning and interpretation so that its use can be reasonable. God is the All-mighty, the All-wise. Therefore Muslims will not easily write “Allah is…”, because it is clear that there is nothing that can be equal to Allah SWT. But on the other hand it must be understood the teachings of the Qur’an about Allah SWT.

The scholars assert that all the absolute value of truth is only attached to Allah SWT. So the consequence is only Allah, the Most High. But Allah is Possessed of Power, All-Compassionate and Compassionate. Thus is the name of Allah with all its attributes explained by the term Asmaul Husna.

From a Hadith from Abu Hurairah R.a. he said the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. once said: “Verily Allah s.w.t has 99 names, i.e. one hundred less one, whoever counts them (memorizing them in full) enters heaven” – Bukhari’s Narrated.
And a total of 99 names of Allah (Asmaul Husna) are:

Asmaul husna 99

No.Asmaul Husna LatinAsmaul Husna ArabArtinya
1.Ar RahmanالرحمنThe Most Merciful
2.Ar RahiimالرحيمThe Most Merciful
3.Al MalikالملكThe Almighty
4.Al QuddusالقدوسThe Most Holy
5.As SalaamالسلامThe Almighty Gives Prosperity
6.Al Mu’minالمؤمنThe Almighty Provides Security
7.Al MuhaiminالمهيمنThe Almighty
8.Al AzizالعزيزThe Mighty
9Al JabbarالجبارWho Has Absolute Greatness
10Al MutakabbirالمتكبرThe Most Magnificent
11Al KhaliqالخالقThe Creator
12Al BaariالبارئThe Most Unleashed
13Al MushawwirالمصورThe Almighty
14Al GhaffaarالغفارThe Most Forgiving
15Al QahhaarالقهارThe Most Pushy
16Al WahhaabالوهابThe Most Gracious
17Ar RazzaaqالرزاقThe Almighty
18Al FattaahالفتاحThe Most Merciful
19Al ‘AliimالعليمThe All-knowing
20Al QaabidhالقابضThe Most Narrowed
21Al BaasithالباسطThe Almighty
22Al KhaafidhالخافضThe Most Condescending
23Ar RaafiالرافعThe Most Exalted
24Al Mu’izzالمعزThe Most Glorified
25Al MudzilالمذلThe Most Insulting
26Al SamiiالسميعThe All-hearing
27Al BashiirالبصيرThe Most See
28Al HakamالحكمThe Almighty
29Al ‘AdlالعدلThe Just
30Al LathiifاللطيفThe Most Gentle
31Al KhabiirالخبيرThe All-Knowing
32Al HaliimالحليمThe Most Forbearing
33Al ‘AzhiimالعظيمThe Almighty
34Al GhafuurالغفورThe Most Merciful
35As SyakuurالشكورThe Most Merciful
36Al ‘AliyالعلىThe Most High
37Al KabiirالكبيرThe Most Great
38Al HafizhالحفيظThe Most Nurturing
39Al MuqiitالمقيتThe Almighty
40Al HasiibالحسيبThe Most Calculating
41Al JaliilالجليلThe Most Sublime
42Al KariimالكريمThe Most Gracious
43Ar RaqiibالرقيبThe Most Watchful
44Al MujiibالمجيبThe Most Granted
45Al WaasiالواسعThe Most Spacious
46Al HakiimالحكيمThe Most Wise
47Al WaduudالودودThe Most Loving
48Al MajiidالمجيدYour Highness
49Al Baa’itsالباعثThe Most Evocative
50As SyahiidالشهيدThe Most Watched
51Al HaqqالحقThe Truth
52Al WakiilالوكيلThe Most Nurturing
53Al QawiyyuالقوىThe Most Powerful
54Al MatiinالمتينThe Most Powerful
55Al WaliyyالولىThe Most Protective
56Al HamiidالحميدThe Most Commendable
57Al MuhshiiالمحصىThe Most Calculating
58Al MubdiالمبدئThe Most Initiate
59Al Mu’iidالمعيدThe Almighty Restores Life
60Al MuhyiiالمحيىThe Most Live
61Al MummifiedالمميتThe Most Deadly
62Al HayyuالحيThe Living
63Al QayyuumالقيومThe Most Independent
64Al WaajidالواجدThe Almighty
65Al MaajidالماجدYour Highness
66Al WahidالواحدThe All-Single
67Al AhadالاحدThe Almighty
68As ShamadالصمدWhat’s Most Needed
69Al QaadirالقادرThe Most Decisive
70Al MuqtadirالمقتدرThe Almighty
71Al MuqaddimالمقدمThe Most Preceding
72Al Mu’akkhirالمؤخرThe Most Ending
73Al AwwalالأولThe First
74Al AakhirالأخرThe Last
75Az ZhaahirالظاهرThe Real
76Al BaathinالباطنThe Almighty
77Al WaaliالواليThe Almighty
78Al Muta’aaliiالمتعاليThe Most High
79Al BarruالبرThe Most Generous
80At TawwaabالتوابThe Most Repented
81Al MuntaqimالمنتقمThe Most Recompense
82Al AfuwwالعفوThe Most Forgiving
83Ar Ra’uufالرؤوفThe Most Caregiver
84Malikul Mulkمالك الملكThe Almighty of the Kingdom
85Dzul Jalaali Wal Ikraamذو الجلال و الإكرامThe Almighty
86Al MuqsithالمقسطThe Most Graer of Justice
87Al Jamii’الجامعThe Most Collecting
88Al GhaniyyالغنىThe Rich
89Al MughniiالمغنىThe Almighty
90Al MaaniالمانعThe Most Prevented
91Ad DhaarالضارThe Almighty
92An NafiiالنافعThe Almighty
93An NuurالنورThe Most Luminous
94Al HaadiiالهادئThe Most Guided
95Al Badii’البديعThe Creator
96Al BaaqiiالباقيThe Eternal
97Al WaaritsالوارثThe Almighty
98Ar RasyiidالرشيدThe All-knowing
99As ShabuurالصبورThe Most Patient
99 Asmaul Husna

Asmaul Husna Calligraphy

Calligraphy is considered a physically visible spiritual art.

The image above is an example of Asmaul Husna calligraphy. 99 Asamul Husna is already found at the beginning of the pages of the Qur’an. Asmaul Husna calligraphy is designed with beautiful writing that gives the impression of majesty and to the Almighty of every name and nature of God.

Asmaul Husna calligraphy is commonly used as a wall decoration in the house and house of worship of a Muslim. In addition to making Muslims more understanding and believing in the power and majesty of Allah, Asmaul Husna is also considered to bring benefits and blessings when reading it.

Here are some pictures of Asmaul husna calligraphy:

Calligraphy Asmaul Husna Ar-rahman means Most Compassionate

asmaul husna calligraphy
Ar rahman

Calligraphy Asmaul Husna Arrahin means Most Compassionate

Calligraphy Asmaul Husna ar uterus
Ar uterus

Calligraphy Al Malik Means King

Asmaul Husna Calligraphy

Calligraphy Al Quddus Means Holy

Calligraphy Asmaul Husna al quddus
Al Quddus

Calligraphy As Salaam Means Prosperous

Asmaul Husna Calligraphy
As Salaam

Al Mu’min calligraphy means security

Asmaul Husna Calligraphy
Al Mu’min

Calligraphy of Al Muhaimin means keeper

Asmaul Husna Calligraphy
Al Muhaimin

Calligraphy Asmaul Husna Al Aziiz means dashing

Asmaul Husna Calligraphy
Al Aziiz

Calligraphy Asmaul Husna Al Jabbar means mighty

Asmaul Husna Calligraphy
Al Jabbar

It is best to memorize and practice Asmaul Husna regularly. Insha God’s life will become more barokah and calmer.

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