The Best Car Insurance, Here’s How to Choose It

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Best car insurance – A customer’s negligence when reading an insurance contract will lead to regret. Therefore, you must know the right way to choose the best car insurance. Policyholders should carefully look at the rights and conditions contained in the policy book.

There’s a saying shame about asking misguided questions on the street. That’s how policyholders feel harmed by insurance companies. Had the intention of wanting to plan finances well, but instead felt deceived because the customer did not carefully understand the contents of the car insurance policy.

Choosing the Best Car Insurance Turns Out to Be Easy

Either in choosing all risk / comprehensive car insurance or total lost only (tlo) turns out not to be fussy. The first step to note from a series of policy rules is certainly how the features are offered and how the claim withdrawal procedure is.

If you have read carefully the contents of the policy, be sure if there is anything that is not yet understood with questions to the agent or marketer of the insurance.

To be more sure and there is no doubt, ask for a copy of the insurance policy. A copy of this policy is given to the policyholder by containing points about the terms and agreement between the insurer and the policyholder.

Important Points of Car Insurance Policy

If lazy to read point by point in the car insurance policy provided by the company. You can read some of these important points.

best car insurance

1. Guaranteed risk

Understand in depth what risks insurance companies pose. For example in car insurance the ACA has an official workshop, tow car features, and other features of excellence.

All Risk Car Insurance

This type of insurance is the most sought after type of car insurance by the public. In addition to preventing losses due to car loss, all risk car insurance is also able to replace minor damage to the car. Such as blistered bodies, broken rearview mirrors, beret bodies and dents, as well as other minor damages.

In addition, you can also add extended guarantees, such as flood protection, terrorism, riots, natural disasters, and third-party legal liability.

Total Loss Only Car Insurance (TLO)

The cheapest car insurance is TLO, If viewed from the benefits, TLO car insurance is not as complete as all risk car insurance. But still the usefulness is very high, especially the premium offered by TLO car insurance is very cheap. TLO car insurance can cover damage only if the car has more than 75% damage. In addition, TLO car insurance is also ready to compensate for the loss due to robbery and theft worth the sale price of the car at that time.

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2. Exceptions

After understanding the risks incurred, now understand also the details about the risk of exclusion or the risk that is not covered by the insurer. For example: the insurance does not guarantee damage from floods and other natural disasters,

3. Claim Procedure

For this point you should ask the relevant insurance agent directly, as each company has its own claim procedure.

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Ask how long it will take to report a claim after the incident. Then what are the documents that are completed during the exposure. Some insurers have also been able to process claims through online services or come directly to the nearest branch office.

More Practical Online Insurance

Although insurance policies have the same criteria, for online-based insurance customers need to be more active in looking at policies. Because in online insurance there is no face-to-face between the agent and the customer, although it is not forbidden for prospective policyholders to be able to meet with the relevant online insurance marketing agency.

Usually online insurance has a more pro active customer service in delivering insurance policies. This is so that the customer does not feel harmed later when choosing the insurance products offered. Online insurance agents are also usually more flexible. You can communicate through the chat facility located on the company’s website that is ready to help during business hours.

Basically the difference between online and offline insurance is only when buying premiums. Therefore, the important points that need to be observed in online car insurance policies are the same as conventional car insurance policies.

For online insurance company claims it is also easier. This means that everything can be made simple without the hassle of going to the branch office. Usually in car insurance the online car insurance party simply asks for the latest proof of your car as well as a police certificate that can be sent by email.

But don’t forget for prospective policyholders to ask for proof after paying the premium. Also request an e-policy after the payment is complete.

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