Bill Gates Announces Divorce, It’s His Love Journey With Melinda

Bill Gates Announces Divorce, It's His Love Journey With Melinda

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates shocked the public after the two were found to have divorced after being married for 27 years. The news was announced by Bill and Melinda Gates via Twitterupload. In the upload, it is said that they can no longer grow as a couple.

“After a lot of thinking and trying to build our relationship, we have decided to end the marriage. Over the past 27 years, we have raised three amazing children and built charitable foundations that work around the world so that people can live healthy and productive lives,” the statement read.

“We still share the trust for the mission and will continue to work together at the charitable foundation. But we no longer believe we can grow as a couple in our next life process,” he added.

Melinda And Bill Gates’ Love Journey

According to Business Insider, the Microsoft founder married in 1994.

By then, Melinda had been with Microsoft for 7 years as a product manager. While Bill Gates asked if he could be dated for the next two weeks.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do two weeks from now,” Melinda said at the time.

Bill Gates also said that Melinda was not spontaneous enough. However, he managed to get Melinda’s number and called her immediately that day.

After marrying in 1994, Melinda herself once said that her marriage was not an easy one.

According to The Guardian, he once revealed that his marriage was “very difficult” because Bill Gates spent 16 hours a day working. In addition, her husband also rarely has time for family.

“Trust me, I can remember the very hard days at our wedding that made you think, can I do this?” said Melinda on her 25th wedding anniversary.

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On the other hand, It took Bill Gates weeks to decide whether he should marry Melinda. In fact, the Microsoft founder made a list of the pros and cons of his marriage on the board.

‘When he’s having trouble making the decision to get married, it’s obvious it’s not about me. It’s a matter of, can I balance work and family?” he continued.

To date, the details of their divorce are still unclear. Even so, there is a possibility that the division of property after divorce will be one of the largest.

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