Mooncake, a Chinese Tradition Full of Philosophies

Mooncake, a Chinese Tradition Full of Philosophies

Mooncake or Mid-Autumn Festival this year falls right on this day, Tuesday 21 September 2021). To celebrate, people of Chinese descent usually send mooncakes to family, relatives or friends. As the name suggests, this cake has a curved shape along its side. While at the top there is a pattern of calligraphy and carvings typical of China.

Interestingly, this cake plays an important role in the festival. Not only as a snack, this cake also has a deep philosophy and meaning for the Chinese. Here are the facts about mooncake or mooncake.

Made More Than 1000 Years Ago

This traditional snack, also called Yue Bing, is believed to have existed since the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Later during the time of Tang Dynasty Emperor Xizong (873-888), this food became a treat for royal guests. The tradition of making this snack continues to this day.

Associated With the Legend of the Moon Goddess

There are many legends related to mooncakes, one of which is attributed to the Chinese Moon Goddess or Chang Er. There is an archer who managed to shoot 9 out of 10 suns named Hou Yi.

Then the archer was given a gift by the Heavenly Ruler in the form of potions for eternal life. The potion must be shared with his wife, Chang Er, so that they can coexist forever.

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However, Chang Er instead took it to the point of running out and overdosed. At the same time, Chang Er felt himself soaring into the sky. She was in the moon and became the Goddess of Bulang. Meanwhile, the husband always eats moon cake every 15th of the 8th month to treat his longing for his wife.

MoonCakes as Secret Messengers

Launching Quarts, this culinary is used as an introduction to messages to the Han people who want to overthrow the Mongol regime. There are two versions of the story of how the secret message was packaged.

First, through 4 pieces of cake packaged in a box. To read the message, it had to be dismembered and then rearranged. Second, through a piece of paper tucked in the middle of the cake.

As a symbol of family food

Usually, this sweet food is not eaten whole, but by cutting it into pieces. The goal is for all family members to enjoy it together. Therefore, it is not surprising that the moon cake becomes a symbol of family food.

Different Types of Mooncake Skins

This snack is 10 cm in diameter and 4-5 cm thick and has a thin layer of skin on the outside. Generally there are 3 types of mooncake skin, namely chewy made from thick sugar syrup, iye water, flour and oil. Then there are also flaky made from oil and flour. The third is the most widely found tender in China and Taiwan.

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