British Shorthair Cat, Buy Interest? Check out the Info you need to know

British Shorthair Cats, Buying Interest

Cat British Shorthair has a medium to quite large body size with a weight ranging from 4 – 8 kg. His body shape is compact, solid, cobby, strong and muscular with a wide chest, shoulders and hips. The head of the British Shorthair cat is round with chubby cheeks with full cheeks, located on a short and thick neck. The nose is short, wide and straight without indents and has a round chin shape. The body size of a male cat is larger than that of a female cat. The average weight of a male cat reaches 5-10 kg, while the female British Shorthair cat reaches 5-7 kg.

British Shorthair cats have a dense fur coat, a luxurious coat that is often described as thin and “Crisp” fur. Its eyes are large, round, wide and have a wide variety of colors although the copper or gold yellow color on “British blue” is the best ever. The average life expectancy of a British Shorthair cat reaches 14 to 20 years.

The British Shorthair cat has medium ear size as well as width at the bottom and curved end, the distance between the two ears is medium. The shape of the eyes are large and round, the color is related to the color of the fur that is gold, green, copper, blue, or odd eyes. It has short legs, a rounded claw shape, as well as a tail that is not too hairy, dense and thick but beautiful and blunt ends. The length of the tail is approximately 2/3 of the length of the body, thick at the base and thinning at the end. The fur is short, dense and thick.

British Shorthair Cat Varieties

The British Shorthair cat breed consists of various “varieties” of color variations as well as shades. For a long time, the “Blue” variant was more popular than other variants. Even this variant has its own name that is “British Blue”. Until now the color remains the most popular although there are many other variants. All colors are allowed. TICA allows to be crossed with Scotish Fold or Manx. The British Shorthair cat breed is preferred because of its calm and loyal nature.

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British Shorthair Cat as a Pet

British Shorthair Cats, Buying Interest
British Shorthair Cat

The British Shorthair cat is a relaxed cat, this cat is often not according to when called but this cat is known to love to play. British Shorthair cats love toys such as rat rats or bar-shaped toys. It is not included cats that are hyperactive and prefer to sleep near their employers than gather with other cats. This cat is quite safe if close to children and rarely claws. This cat has a stable character and better live indoors. British Shorthair cats are perfectly kept in apartments or indoors.

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